Saturday, May 18, 2013

Asia Cafe

 So I've made an unexpected visit back HOME! Yup, home, home! I wanted to eat everything but of course I can't. The first place I went for food after touching down was the old hangout place in SS15...

 Asia Cafe practically has everything!!! Well not everything, but it's for people who like me who has difficulties in picking what to eat...

 The first thing I ordered was the Asam Laksa! Well I haven't been here in a while and I'm quite surprised that the food in Asia Cafe is still OK. Apart from the food prices which are hiking up over the past few months... The reason why I said it's still OK is because many places turn shitty over time.. Oh well.

I've been dying for ikan bakar so badly! Apparently there are two shops and the corner one is better.

Food isn't cheap anymore these days. Dinner at Asia Cafe costs me RM30! Seriously. Oh well. My point is, there are many choices to pick from if you don't know what to eat but obviously these aren't the best. Besides, if you're in KL don't bother coming all the way to Subang for it. There are a lot more good food in KL. :)

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