Monday, May 27, 2013

Louis Restaurant

This restaurant is located at the famous Fira walk area with the beautiful view of the volcanic. I never expected this place to serve good food to be honest.. I thought it was only another tourist restaurant.

Surprisingly it was good!! We got ourselves the table with the best view!!

 When in Greece, drink Frappé... Who needs Starbucks when there's Frappé! It's actually ice coffee with ice cream. Sounds simple? It is. Simple and the best thirst quenching drink for summer..

 Greek salad. Again... when in Greece, eat Greek salad!!

 Soutzoukakia with rice. The few chunks of meat are minced meat topped with thick tomato sauce. 

 Pork gyro. I love Greek dishes really. The combination of the meat, pita bread and freshly made tzatziki - awesome! Though I must say eating this everyday isn't healthy. Must drink loads of water after (or eat more Greek salad!).

Overall? Price and portion was reasonable for 4 people. The portion was really huge in fact - don't order too much if you're not a big eater. This restaurant is located nearby Franco's Bar - it's a good spot to grab quick lunch and a glass of cocktail at Franco's Bar after. :)

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