Saturday, May 25, 2013


 Food in Oia is definitely not as worth it compared to Fira. The prices are probably the same, or slightly higher and the portion is really hideous.

 As for the taste? It was OK, nothing really great? Nothing that makes me remember of this place. Beef skewer was just mediocre. I prefer the skewers I had in Meat and Wine O_O Much more flavourful...

 I'm not saying this restaurant serves bad food, it's just standard stuff, don't think there's anything that is exceptionally good.

 My first ever greek salad in Greece. Haha. It's like a must-eat food in Greece. Even though not much skill is required to prepare this dish, but because it's a Greece thing you have to try! And it's something that can never go wrong...

This plate of funny looking cream is actually greek yogurt with honey. It's a form of dessert perhaps. It looks like instant food I can get from groceries and DIY at home. Oh well, irregardless, it was really good. Since then I kept eating this almost every restaurants I went to, so long as I spot it in the menu. Must eat it with honey otherwise it's too sour to eat yogurt itself. I think it's good for breakfast too.

I'm not really impressed with the food here so I'd say nope, not really recommended. Did I mention the service was rather disappointing? I mean they are nice people, it's just that we could hardly ever get anybody's attention. Put it in other words, they are lack of staffs.

Skala is located near Oia Square. The restaurant is overlooking the Aegean Sea. If you are along the main street you won't miss it. There's a huge signboard at the walkway..


  1. I keep thinking of Laksa and So Lucky.

  2. That all looks really tasty! Yum! :p

    Nice blog you have here by the way, I LOVE all the food pics. :-)

  3. Jerine - Hahahahahaaha... Wait.. Laksa???

    My Life in Sweden - Thanks! :)