Friday, May 17, 2013

Sunsets Cafe Snack Bar

It is best to get there at about 5-5.30pm to secure a table for a good view of the sunset. There are many restaurants at the Oia area but if you don't get there early you'll probably end up standing like everyone else.

Fried feta cheese. It's a bit salty.. Must eat it when it's hot otherwise the whole chunk will become real hard when it gets cold.

 Grilled pork with rice. I got a bit confused as it tasted like Chinese food!!

 Meatballs and pita bread. Nothing extraordinary, like any other beef balls and hot pita bread. I believe the reason people come is for the view, not the food.

 The view from the restaurant. We were a little late.. Nevertheless we still managed to catch the view of the sunset!

I honestly do not know how to direct you to that place. This restaurant is located in the Oia area where many people would go for the sunset. Just ask any locals and they'll direct you to that location. Don't put too high expectations though... What we've ordered costs about €50. Oia area is much more expensive than Fira.

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