Wednesday, May 22, 2013


There are many little food shops ranging from takeaway to delivery to eating in. Food in Fira is much better in terms of value for money be it portion, taste or price... I prefer eating in Fira than Oia.

Meatballs with mushroom sauce. Much better than the one we had in Oia... Probably because the one at Oia was tad dry. The meatballs were really tender and it tasted even better with mushroom sauce.

It's a must to eat Souvlaki in Greece! Of course I had this on the second day, that's why I'm still insisting on eating Souvlaki. It brought back memories of Stalactites in Melbourne. It's my favourite Greek restaurant during Melbourne days. Oh well. The pita bread should be eaten hot I believe, as it turns cold it's a bit dry and hard. Oh don't forget the tzatziki sauce! It goes really well with EVERYTHING!! the meat, pita bread, fries, or even eating it just like that!! That's my current favourite dip!!

Tabasco is located in two places - Fira Square and Karterados Shopping Center. I went to the one at Fira Square. I'm not sure where Karterados is, but the one in Fira is located right in the main street of Fira. I would definitely recommend Tabasco if you're looking for local food, cheap and affordable. 

Tabasco Fira Square
Fira, Santorini
22860 22378

Tabasco Karterados Shopping Center
Karterados, Santorini
22860 23604-6

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