Monday, May 20, 2013

Tong Pak Fu

Shaved ice is so good! I've tried once in the UK but it's nothing near Asian's version. Of course the one in UK is a whole different level.

My favourite has always been mango! Yummmmy. This post is not anything new, TPF has been around in Malaysia for about close to two years?

They also serve snacks for hungry people like me :D I'm not sure if the HK ones sells it though.

 One of my favourite is the curry fishballs but they ran out of it already. I believe there's no otak-otak in HK's TPF so try it if you happen to be in KL!

On a sidenote, the snacks weren't that great anyway... Very obvious I'm eating microwaved food. The price of those food are way too expensive to begin with. The otak-otak costs RM5.80 if I'm not mistaken. That small plate costs that much, really??? RM3 or 4 is still acceptable though. RM5.80...... Anyway I wouldn't recommend the snacks in TPF actually. Just go for the shaved ice. They also have durian shaved ice but it's something that I will never order... So smelly!!!!!!!!

Tong Pak Fu is located is most major malls
KLCC, Giza, Empire, Mid Valley, Paradigm, etc

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