Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dukes and Duchess

 I've heard of Flaming Lamborghini - call me jakun, but it was my first time hearing Flaming Jägerbombs!!!

 Grace told me about this interesting thing - I was so amazed I had to order it a few times. Hahaha. That moment when it goes *pop* down the glass!!

 If you're intending to go for it, please get the bottle instead. They are not very generous so it's really not worth ordering just the shots to be honest.

My other twin, Yvonne, doing that *pop* shot. So fun!!! Both of us were so amazed with that *WOAH* face :D

I prefer this place over TDH now. It seems much quieter and a better place to catch up with my friends!! I begin to noisy places - gosh, some signs there? Well I'm just tired of yelling my lungs out... Anyways - drop by for pop shots!!!

**Kids please do NOT try this at home!!!!!

Dukes and Duchess
52, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
+603 7733 5850

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Commerce 1894 Cafe

 We stopped by for quick lunch, more like tea since it was already past 3pm. I ordered the Frappe. Ice coffee with vanilla ice cream - simple yet awesome. Maybe I should start adding vanilla ice cream in my coffee from now onwards.

 Kayiana - Greek scramble eggs with tomato and feta cheese. It's very salty and filling. It's the feta cheese perhaps... The portion is not very huge yet I cannot finish it. Probably it was too salty. The portion is good for two if you're not a big eater.. Nevertheless, it was good.

Froutalia - Omelette with baked potatoes. Like omelette, but has additional sliced baked potatoes. Very filling too... Not as salty as the feta cheese one though. Just nice.

Commerce 1894 Cafe
I don't know where exactly this place is, but it's somewhere in the city center... Nearby the main street.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ahroy Thai Cuisine

Fish cakes!! My favourite. Honestly all fishcakes tasted the same to me... Fish paste, strong lemongrass taste and slightly spicy.

Oh dear, the tom yam was quite spicy though. I'm the "average chilli eater", so this one was a little too much for me.

I didn't even get to eat the fish. I only had the steamed veggie on the left mostly - because I was too lazy to eat that fish. I loveeeee the chilli!!!! The sourish but super spicy chilli goes soooo well with the veggie. 

Marinated chicken feet salad was sooooooo damn spicy I could barely feel my tongue after!!! This is one delicacy that either you'll love it or hate it. Chicken feet itself is something that many people hate, so is coriander. Lucky for me, I love both of it! I believe this dish has been marinated for at least a day... The chicken feet absorbed the sourness and also the chilly spice!! Eating one piece of it made me burn already. :S

Pandan chicken. Usually wrapped with pandan leaves, but we requested to have it removed before serving for convenience.

Another Thai delicacy - mango sticky rice!!! It was obviously not as good as the ones you can get in Thailand, but it was mediocre. The mangoes were tad bit dry and wasn't sweet. Perhaps that made it "not-so-good". Then again, fruits are seasonal.

I had to get myself a bowl of ais kacang because the food were SO spicy!!!!!!!! It was the only cure to my burning tongue (I've had too many glasses of water I was about to explode)

They also sell local nyonya kuihs!!!

We ordered the steam fish as well, which was worth it. The fish was served on a hot metal plate - fresh fish with clear spicy gravy! Sweet, sour, spicy in combination. 

This place is super busy during weekends, people started pouring in by 5.30pm no kidding! I wouldn't say the food is super good, but it is considered good and reasonably cheap. Definitely cheaper than the ones you see in malls. I've tried a couple of Thai restaurants in Malaysia but I just realized this is the only one I've published so far X_X Anyway, worth a try if you're in Cheras! Be there earlier to avoid the queue... :)

Ahroy Thai Cuisine
48, Jalan Manis 1,
Taman Segar Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
(03) 9133 2330

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Acme Bar & Coffee

 Acme Bar & Coffee, also known as ABC is located in the prime area of Kuala Lumpur... The Troika if you've heard of. It's right opposite Darby Park or next to Nikko Hotel. Well, it's near KLCC. Anyway I've been wanting to go to this place but I've never exactly thought of it when I had to think of what to eat.

 I have to say this is one good place to hang out after work!!! They serve good food and on top of that, I can just sit around and chill with wine or coffee. What type of cuisine do they serve? I honestly don't know how to answer. It's a mixture of everything!! They have Italian, American, local, etc. It's just a mixture of everything - in a good way, it gives people more options.

One thing about Troika, this place is super complicated! I almost missed the turning to the parking. You have to drive really slow otherwise you'll miss the turning. The parking itself is complicated. They have so many different elevators and they all go to different areas of the building. Oh gosh, thank goodness for security guards for proper directions.

 I enjoy their appetizers in fact, since the main is too heavy. Simple and light food to go really. Of course if you are a big eater, get a main then.

jackfruit cake
The cempedak or jackfruit cake. This is something extraordinary!!! I've never tried that in a form of a cake before... and it tasted just like the fruit itself!!! The spongey cake in the middle is soft and fluffy and the orangey cream is actual taste of the fruit. If you're ever here please order this cake. It's super good!! Jackfruit is one of my favourite fruit, and if you do like it, get that cake. Unless you're allergic to jackfruit then there's no reason to say noooo.

Overall I think this is one awesome place to hangout and chill after work if you happen to be working in town and you would love to avoid the traffic. Of course it's quite pricey so don't do that everyday. $$$$$ 

ABC @ The Troika
Unit G1 The Troika,
19 Persiaran KLCC
50450 Kuala Lumpur
03 2162 2288