Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Commerce 1894 Cafe

 We stopped by for quick lunch, more like tea since it was already past 3pm. I ordered the Frappe. Ice coffee with vanilla ice cream - simple yet awesome. Maybe I should start adding vanilla ice cream in my coffee from now onwards.

 Kayiana - Greek scramble eggs with tomato and feta cheese. It's very salty and filling. It's the feta cheese perhaps... The portion is not very huge yet I cannot finish it. Probably it was too salty. The portion is good for two if you're not a big eater.. Nevertheless, it was good.

Froutalia - Omelette with baked potatoes. Like omelette, but has additional sliced baked potatoes. Very filling too... Not as salty as the feta cheese one though. Just nice.

Commerce 1894 Cafe
I don't know where exactly this place is, but it's somewhere in the city center... Nearby the main street.

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