Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ristorante Il Vineto

 Creamy spaghetti.. The name says it all - so creamy! Nothing special really. Cheese plus cream = filling. 

 Grilled chicken breast with lemon sauce, rocket and grilled potatoes. This was good - the lemon gave exquisite taste to the chicken breast. You know how dry and tasteless chicken breast is (yet it's still my favourite because it's meant for lazy people who hates deboning chicken), so lemon added more taste to it. Let's ignore the rockets.

 Leaves of flaky pastry with berries and ice cream - Ooooo this one was awesome. Cream was light and fluffy. Flaky pastry, very thin and cripsy, hence the name flaky? It was so good like eating pastries with cream and fruits. 

 We love this place so much we had to takeaway some food from Il Vineto... Since we were fying for pizza, Pizza frutti di mare it is for tea! We're talking about real seafood on pizza! How on EARTH can you find something like that in Malaysia?!?!?!?!? Probably there is but I have not encountered any yet.

We had to try the melon and prosciutto too - well this is a mandatory in Italy. You better not leave Italy without having it!!!! Up till today I can't really tell what's a good prosciutto and what's not. As long as it's not dry and tasteless it'd be fine for me.

 For the third time, we chose to dine in (oh man, I'm such a fan of this place!) So anyway, some goose pate served with bread and butter to start off? They should be a little more generous with the goose pate actually. It's a little stingy to offer that small portion. The size of the butter was twice as much of it. 

We ordered seabass to share. Like any other typical Italian restaurants, they would debone the fish in front of you.

This place is famous for their seafood. The seabass was really fresh, you could tell it by eating it - it melts in the mouth! Served with roasted vegetables and lightly drizzled lemon juice.

I love this place so much I went there 3 times in one trip. What did TripAdvisor rank this place? Number 2868. At some point I find TripAdvisor ridiculous and bias. It's not very accurate and don't put 100% into TripAdvisor really. It's a guideline, not a must. If this place were to rank that low, why would it be so full Also, the service is beyond expectation! The staffs are super nice and friendly...Which is another reason why I came back (Food is the main reason, even if the staffs are nice and the food ain't good I won't return). My latest trip to Rome brought me back to this place - which I'll talk about it later on. One thing, it's slightly expensive to dine in this place, I believe that's the price to pay for all of the good stuff I've mentioned above.

Highly recommended. Please disregard TripAdvisor's terrible judgement of this place.

Ristorante Il Vineto
Via Veneto 6,
00187 Roma
+39 06 48 66 17

Il Vineto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trattoria Pandemonio

 Prosciutto and salami, nothing special really. Just ham and salami. Salami goes well with bread.

 Prosciutto and melon.. The secret to this dish isn't just the quality of the ham, it's the melon too. The melon is soooo sweet and juicy - compliments the ham. Too good.

 The ravioli I've ordered which was a major disappointment. It was stuffed with ricotta cheese.. Though ricotta cheese is naturally light, but it's a major failballs to stuff that amount of cheese into one huge ravioli!!! It felt as though I was stuffing myself with cheese and not having a real good taste of the pasta! It's just too heavy to be classed as Primi Piatti.

 Tortellacci with cheese - bad quality picture. My bad :( Another version of pasta... Tortellacci. It looks like a shape of a wantan... Or dimsum's steamed dumplings. But it didn't taste like either or. It's just another version of pasta. I tried a bite out of it, it was tasty but nothing special I guess? Tomato and pasta that tasted like pan mee.

 Risotto with shrimps. This was really good, sorry for another bad quality picture. What do you get from just that pile of rice? You'd never think that that pile of rice is actually rich in flavours - very strong shrimp-seafood-like sweetness in it.. Despite having just rice. It's super filling because the cream and cheese is so thick! Overall I'd say this is one good dish.

Steak - not sure if it's the normal one or the Florentine. Either or, it was not really impressive to begin with... The cutlery itself says it all.  

We came here because of TripAdvisor's recommendation, ranked 42 in the list. Truth? I don't think it's that good. It's just another Italian restaurant that serves decent Italian food. Just because they have a website and did the little Internet marketing doesn't mean they are really good. I'm not saying the food they serve are bad (in fact some dishes were good - the risotto and prosciutto), it's just not as good as so many other Trattorias in Italy I've been to. Also, I've noticed that this place attracted many tourists as there are no locals at all! So I'm guessing this isn't a local favourite. My review can be slightly biased because that's what I see. Let's just say there's no outstanding value in this place that'll make me come back for it. Maybe for their house wine, which was not extremely good either. 

Trattoria Pandemonio di Casa Brogi
Via del Leone 50/r,
50124 Florence
+39 05 5224002

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Awww.. I haven't been updating as I've been away to a couple of places! Italy would be the main highlights for now! Ciao Roma! I am BACK in Rome again for the third time in a year!!! Feels like I've been here forever - yet lovin' it! Will never get tired of the land of good food!

 Kim loves the best of the best when it comes to food... So she ordered a platter or Jamón ibérico hand-cut ham to share! It was definitely worth the price - very thinly sliced and it totally melts in the mouth! Normally I don't like food with visible obvious fats but.. Hands down for this one! It's a MUST to eat with that layer of white thingy! It may look red and raw from pictures, oh well, it does look red too in real but don't judge the looks of it, it's one super good snack! 

As for the ricotta cheese, I believe they gave it to us as complimentary - I don't recall ordering it! I'm not that pro-cheese person, hence, I can't tell if it's good or not? It's a little sweet, fluffy, light and creamy - probably the only words I have for ricotta... Nevertheless, it was good.

 Spaghettone with tuna - honestly I'm getting confused with the names of pasta! There are TOO MANY varieties in Italy you can barely count it with your fingers and toes put together. Anyway it's just like normal spaghetti but very much thicker and the inner part is slightly hard, or rather chewy. It felt as though the pasta was not cooked, but it's like that. So if you don't enjoy you probably won't like it. On top of that, the tuna tasted canned ones, which I didn't really like. It has that really strong unfresh canned fish smell... Well, something different I'd say.

They were really nice - another complimentary item... Some cookie with dark chocolate dip! I was never really a fan of dark chocolate, it's just too bitter! We were so full already despite ordering just two dishes!

In conclusion, I would say this place is good for cold cuts! I like the way they decorated this restaurant too - wine bottles covering the walls. It made me felt like I wasn't going into typical chain restaurant. I would highly recommend if you're down here in Rome - for cold cuts, cheese and wine session. They have other products for sale in-store - mainly local Italian products (olive oil, balsemic vinegar, wine, etc).

No.. Actually you have to try it if you're in Rome!!!!!!! It's nearby Piazza Navona. In fact, that area is famous for food! 

Via dei Giubbonari 21,
00186 Rome
+39 06 6875287

Roscioli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


 Scallops with garlic butter and breadcrumbs - scrumptious appetizer to start off! The scallops are very fresh but relatively small. Perhaps it should be that size? I'm not sure, but it was really tiny. The combination of breadcrumbs and garlic were so perfect... You can taste that crisp in every bite! So good!

 Fresh prawns cooked with garlic and parsley - I never like having prawns with lemon... spoils the taste! Only seafood which are not fresh invites lemon as an addition. 

 Same goes to fish! I never like adding lemon to fresh seafood. There's this board in the restaurant that shows the specials of the day and I chose halibut with spinach. Sometimes, it's fun to just point at the board and go "I want that one". Apart from the freshness, tenderness and well done, there's nothing really special though.. Just.. fish. But I have to say it sure is worth eating if you love fish.

 Seriously decadent chocolate cake - like... SERIOUSLY. (Menu says so, Yvonne says so too)

The staff recommended Pedro Ximenez to go with the cake. I fell in love with the dessert wine the moment I had that one sip! So sweet like prune juice!!! It is so sweet, sweeter than the seriously decadent chocolate cake! The cake is served hot, with a scoop of ice cream. I usually only have one thing to say about chocolate cake, and that is "way too sweet". This one tasted like chocolate mud cake with hot dark chocolate covering the hot spongey cake. That perfect way to end my Sunday - with no Monday blues :)

This little gem is located in Richmond, you can also find it in Marylebone and Swallow Street near Piccadilly Circus. I would prefer to go to Richmond because I love the ambience - very much like home. If you're interested to take up cooking classes, they provide it too, just speak to the staff and get the details. On top of that, Fishworks is currently running a 50% off food only deal, book with Toptable. Deal runs until September - what are you waiting for?! *Deal does not apply to Lobster dishes, Fruits De Mer, fish by weight and a few others. Anyway, it applies to most of the dishes in the menu so no worries. Book your table now!

Fishworks Richmond
13-19 The Square,
Richmond upon Thames
TW9 1EA London
United Kingdom
020 8948 5965

Monday, July 1, 2013

Wedholms Fisk & Restaurang

One of the many posts I kept as draft and almost forgotten about it!!! Anyway, I came to this restaurant by online recommendations. Nowadays the WWW comes in handy... Apparently this restaurant is Zagat-rated. I also came to know that I should eat seafood when I'm in Stockholm. Hence, off for a good meal before leaving Sweden! :)

Seared scallops. The scallop is so fresh and juicy! It's so huge... I have to say the appetizer is so damn good!

I had the salmon with spinach. The rich and creamy gravy would probably go well with fries!! I don't know about you but I actually love dipping fries with sauces.

Tiger prawns with garlic and lightly battered Parmesan cheese. No doubts, it was really good - you know it when you're eating fresh succulent prawns and not frozen ones.  

Overall I'd say this is a place that's worth giving a shot, but a little overpriced. Value for money isn't really there. At some point I felt I was paying for the "ratings" and not the food - could have gotten better deals off other restaurants? Well nevertheless, at least the food was great. You may want to check their site and reserve a table before going.

Wedholms Fisk & Restaurang
Nybrokajen 17
111 48 Stockholm
+46 8611 7874