Tuesday, July 2, 2013


 Scallops with garlic butter and breadcrumbs - scrumptious appetizer to start off! The scallops are very fresh but relatively small. Perhaps it should be that size? I'm not sure, but it was really tiny. The combination of breadcrumbs and garlic were so perfect... You can taste that crisp in every bite! So good!

 Fresh prawns cooked with garlic and parsley - I never like having prawns with lemon... spoils the taste! Only seafood which are not fresh invites lemon as an addition. 

 Same goes to fish! I never like adding lemon to fresh seafood. There's this board in the restaurant that shows the specials of the day and I chose halibut with spinach. Sometimes, it's fun to just point at the board and go "I want that one". Apart from the freshness, tenderness and well done, there's nothing really special though.. Just.. fish. But I have to say it sure is worth eating if you love fish.

 Seriously decadent chocolate cake - like... SERIOUSLY. (Menu says so, Yvonne says so too)

The staff recommended Pedro Ximenez to go with the cake. I fell in love with the dessert wine the moment I had that one sip! So sweet like prune juice!!! It is so sweet, sweeter than the seriously decadent chocolate cake! The cake is served hot, with a scoop of ice cream. I usually only have one thing to say about chocolate cake, and that is "way too sweet". This one tasted like chocolate mud cake with hot dark chocolate covering the hot spongey cake. That perfect way to end my Sunday - with no Monday blues :)

This little gem is located in Richmond, you can also find it in Marylebone and Swallow Street near Piccadilly Circus. I would prefer to go to Richmond because I love the ambience - very much like home. If you're interested to take up cooking classes, they provide it too, just speak to the staff and get the details. On top of that, Fishworks is currently running a 50% off food only deal, book with Toptable. Deal runs until September - what are you waiting for?! *Deal does not apply to Lobster dishes, Fruits De Mer, fish by weight and a few others. Anyway, it applies to most of the dishes in the menu so no worries. Book your table now!

Fishworks Richmond
13-19 The Square,
Richmond upon Thames
TW9 1EA London
United Kingdom
020 8948 5965

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