Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trattoria Pandemonio

 Prosciutto and salami, nothing special really. Just ham and salami. Salami goes well with bread.

 Prosciutto and melon.. The secret to this dish isn't just the quality of the ham, it's the melon too. The melon is soooo sweet and juicy - compliments the ham. Too good.

 The ravioli I've ordered which was a major disappointment. It was stuffed with ricotta cheese.. Though ricotta cheese is naturally light, but it's a major failballs to stuff that amount of cheese into one huge ravioli!!! It felt as though I was stuffing myself with cheese and not having a real good taste of the pasta! It's just too heavy to be classed as Primi Piatti.

 Tortellacci with cheese - bad quality picture. My bad :( Another version of pasta... Tortellacci. It looks like a shape of a wantan... Or dimsum's steamed dumplings. But it didn't taste like either or. It's just another version of pasta. I tried a bite out of it, it was tasty but nothing special I guess? Tomato and pasta that tasted like pan mee.

 Risotto with shrimps. This was really good, sorry for another bad quality picture. What do you get from just that pile of rice? You'd never think that that pile of rice is actually rich in flavours - very strong shrimp-seafood-like sweetness in it.. Despite having just rice. It's super filling because the cream and cheese is so thick! Overall I'd say this is one good dish.

Steak - not sure if it's the normal one or the Florentine. Either or, it was not really impressive to begin with... The cutlery itself says it all.  

We came here because of TripAdvisor's recommendation, ranked 42 in the list. Truth? I don't think it's that good. It's just another Italian restaurant that serves decent Italian food. Just because they have a website and did the little Internet marketing doesn't mean they are really good. I'm not saying the food they serve are bad (in fact some dishes were good - the risotto and prosciutto), it's just not as good as so many other Trattorias in Italy I've been to. Also, I've noticed that this place attracted many tourists as there are no locals at all! So I'm guessing this isn't a local favourite. My review can be slightly biased because that's what I see. Let's just say there's no outstanding value in this place that'll make me come back for it. Maybe for their house wine, which was not extremely good either. 

Trattoria Pandemonio di Casa Brogi
Via del Leone 50/r,
50124 Florence
+39 05 5224002

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