Monday, July 1, 2013

Wedholms Fisk & Restaurang

One of the many posts I kept as draft and almost forgotten about it!!! Anyway, I came to this restaurant by online recommendations. Nowadays the WWW comes in handy... Apparently this restaurant is Zagat-rated. I also came to know that I should eat seafood when I'm in Stockholm. Hence, off for a good meal before leaving Sweden! :)

Seared scallops. The scallop is so fresh and juicy! It's so huge... I have to say the appetizer is so damn good!

I had the salmon with spinach. The rich and creamy gravy would probably go well with fries!! I don't know about you but I actually love dipping fries with sauces.

Tiger prawns with garlic and lightly battered Parmesan cheese. No doubts, it was really good - you know it when you're eating fresh succulent prawns and not frozen ones.  

Overall I'd say this is a place that's worth giving a shot, but a little overpriced. Value for money isn't really there. At some point I felt I was paying for the "ratings" and not the food - could have gotten better deals off other restaurants? Well nevertheless, at least the food was great. You may want to check their site and reserve a table before going.

Wedholms Fisk & Restaurang
Nybrokajen 17
111 48 Stockholm
+46 8611 7874

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