Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kaffegillet Restaurang & Café

Ohh this is one long overdue post! I was in Stockholm last winter... So do the maths. But anyway every experience is stuck in my head.

We were at the huge Stockholm Palace all afternoon with no food... So we've decided to just pop into any cafe we see. So long as it has Swedish meatballs!! I noticed that in some places they use minced meat to form the meatballs and some use processed nicely formed meatballs. I personally prefer the nicely formed ones, smooth and tender. Good thing they serve it! Of course minced one is good too - but it splits off too easily that's why I don't really like minced ones. Anyway, the meatballs that they serve were fantastic - I blame myself for being cold and hungry that partially convinced myself that it's good. But then again, I had bread so I think my judgement was right :P The thick meatball sauce made it even better - along with lingonberry. It's a musttttt eat if you're in Sweden.

Some pretty looking dessert called... Semla. It looks good but... tastes horrible!!! That's my fault - because I dislike almond. It has this really strong almond taste and if you can't take strong almond flavours (like me...) you wouldn't even want another bite. Warning to all you almond haters - don't ever get a Semla!!! Technically it isn't the bun's fault hahaha. Almond lovers, grab one right nowww!! :)

Kaffegillet Restaurang & Café
Trangsund 4,
Gamla Stan
111 29 Stockholm
+46 8213 955


  1. Lingonberry and meatballs!Now i have the address to find them! =D are they much much better than IKEA's?

  2. Lex : Yes! Well most of the restaurants in Sweden serves it - in fact it is sooo common. :)