Friday, August 9, 2013

Pizzeria Da Baffetto

A friend insisted that Baffetto serves superb pizzas. Let's start off with the atmosphere first - the shop is very small and looks like a typical rundown cafe. It has all the basics, and that's it. I do not feel comfortable sitting here at all... Also, house wine comes in jugs and cups. There's no such thing as drinking wine from wine glass.

Pizza Baffetto - tomato, mozarella, mushroom, egg, sausage, green pepper, artichoke, onion. Apparently the specialty of the place so I should try? I don't know what to say about the horrible combination... It certainly looks like some remains left in the fridge and they are all thrown on top of the dough. It has really mixed flavours - like a typical Chinese stew where you throw everything in it. Verdict? No I don't like it, it's not flavourful - it's way too mixed up? Apart from the impressive looking egg, I didn't like the rest of the ingredients all mixed together.

Parma ham pizza was OK. Fact that these usually comes as starters, maybe it's a thing in Italy that you can eat pizza that way? I probably enjoyed the crust and cheese more, just don't really see the need of the ham actually.

Panna cotta was great, hardly ever had something with lots of berries in it. Then again I didn't come here for desserts.

Service was horrible, it took us ages to get hold of someone. We could not choose which table to sit, they will fill us in seats that are just nice for two. I can understand that but I saw a number of people choosing their seats too (and it was OK for them to pick?)... So, what do you mean by I can't choose??? Food came really slow too. Besides, I don't find their pizzas that great anyway. Using charcoal to grill the pizza doesn't mean its good. Let's just say, I have had better pizzas in Rome.

Pizzeria Da Baffetto
Via del Governo Vecchio,
00186 Rome
+39 06 68 61 61 7

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