Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ristorante Il Vineto

Decided to pay this place a visit when I went to Rome again last month - Verdict? In the previous post I've tried various dishes and found that it was worthwhile. This time around...? We shall see. :)

 Seafood risotto as starters - every bite is so flavourful! Mild cheese and strong seafood flavours - great dish to start off! Unfortunately, I couldn't even finish one tiny portion, bit too filling.

 We got the seafood platter to share - it is crazy humongous definitely more than enough for two!!! Lobster, seabass, prawns, squid, all perfectly grilled!

 Definitely one hell of a meal for dinner! I couldn't finish my food - felt really bad :( Not because it's not good, it's the huge ass portion!!

You'd definitely love it if you're a seafood lover. It's super fresh... Everyone couldn't get their eyes off when our dish arrived :P

On a serious note - DO DROP BY IF YOU'RE IN ROME!!!! I have to warn you that dining here isn't right if you have a budget to stick to. If you see post number 1, prices are much more reasonable than have food in this post. Nevertheless - it's only a minute walk from Barberini Metro if you're interested! :) x

Ristorante Il Vineto
Via Veneto 6,
00187 Roma
+39 06 48 66 17

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