Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is now in London! They officially opened a new store in London sometime in early July. Apparently it's a New York thing, so I should at least try it out once! The price for a burger is between £4 - £9 depending oh what you're after (vegan? meat? double? cheese? etc...)

I had the single ShackBurger, the basics. Obviously it is way better than Maccas burgers!!!
Very tender burger, soft white bread, lettuce, tomatoes and some sauce in it. Great combination. Samantha had the SmokeShack which looks great for Bacon lovers - those bacon strips are so crispy! That fries we had was nothing special actually, it was the cheese that made it good... Get the one with cheese! Unfortunately, their cheese topping is not quite generous. The milkshake is to die for.. They have a couple of choices to pick from and I picked the oddest one - peanut butter milkshake. I've never heard/seen of peanut butter milkshake... The shake turned out to be very smooth and light.. Shakes are usually thick isn't it?!?!?! No... they redefined the whole meaning of milkshake! I normally can't finish a whole shake by myself because it's too thick, but in this case I managed to down it all... Love it :D

It's not difficult to find the place as it's located in Covent Garden Market itself. Don't bother having Maccas, get your Shake Shack now :O Check out their menu over here ..

Shake Shack
Covent Garden Market

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