Monday, September 9, 2013

Opera Tavern

So happy I finally made the effort to get my own domain.. After so long!! That's how lazy I am. OH well, in conjunction to my excitement I shall write bout my favourite "ham place" in London!

 This... is my favourite ham place!! Of course it isn't as great as the one I had in Italy... Since this is a Spanish thing, it makes me feel even more excited for my upcoming Spain trip! ^_^
Anyway, discovered this place by accident and loving it already. They menu is pretty focused on Spanish food.. It is located right opposite the theatre for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Covent Garden.

 Apparently their pig ears in a bowl is a famous thing, which I didn't really enjoy. It's way too hard I felt I was biting on a bone or something. It tasted pretty much like ikan bilis / fried anchovy. Not really my kind of thing to be honest, I'd rather go for fried anchovy.

 Then they have little tapas but not many choices to pick from. I wouldn't go there for their tapas though.

Their burgers are really TO DIE FOR. It looks huge but actually it's half of the normal burgers that you get from Burger King. The patty is soooooo juicy it drips whenever I take a bite out of it. The patty is made out of Jamón Ibérico pork and foie gras. I know I'm very evil for eating foie gras but I believe the patty is made from majority pork meat. 

As for the ham, it's handcut Jamón Ibérico ham, aged 5 years. I love their chilli salamis too. Their meat goes really well with the wine. Felt like I needed more but NO! Only one plate to share if I ever go otherwise I'll have to eat grass by the end of the month. :P

I don't really want to share all the pictures, just go for it, don't bother researching anymore. Oh yes, I won't go for their desserts if I were you. Nothing to shout about except for overly sweet desserts. Make your reservation beforehand as that place can be extremely busy during peak time. Remember to try their ham and burger!! 

Opera Tavern
23 Catherine Street,
WC2B 5JS London
United Kingdom

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