Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trandilla Cafe

So, there are so many shops offering English breakfast along the street. Which one to pick? I don't really know since they are all pretty much the same anyway. Trandilla's menu is quite attractive in terms of value for money - I only paid £4.50 for this uber huge set which comes with a cup of coffee. Apart from the mushrooms being sour, the rest are pretty much normal stuff you get in a typical English breakfast set. This cafe is 2 minutes walk from Kingston station, not too difficult to spot.

Trandilla Cafe
41 Fife Road,
Kingston upon Thames
KT1 1SF London
United Kingdom

Saturday, October 26, 2013


 Just another restaurant along the La Rambla area, which was not very impressive. It's actually a bar, where the sangria is quite good. It's very fruity and sweet.

 This place is actually a bar that serves paellas of different varieties. But I just felt like having light snacks, hence Tapas. Which turned out to be c r a p. It's just potato wedges!!! I've ordered spicy potato chunks but they served wedges that I can prepare at home... Speaking of the spiciness, I know I can't expect any extremely spicy sauce but this, is plain super dry potato wedges with no sauce of any kind. How did they even labelled this as "spicy"??

I thought the Paella would be something, but it was a little tasteless. I've tried paella a couple of times but I've never had one that is so tasteless before!! Not saying it tastes bad, just lack of flavours. Seafood paella that has no taste of seafood at all?? 

I don't know, but don't be cheated by their convincing pictures of paella right in front of their shop. Drinks yup, food nope.

La Rambla 116,
08002 Barcelona
+34 93 318 33 90

Thursday, October 24, 2013

El Quim de la Boqueria

 Being in Barcelona for the first time, and also a super short trip, I would definitely want to eat something local which is above average in quality. Barcelona is certainly not the place for Tapas, where Catalan food is much more famous (and why am I going for Tapas? I don't know. I just felt like it). However, it is not difficult to find Tapas bar around. I've done my research and according to netizens, El Quim seems to be one of the popular ones in the famous Barcelona Market in the Las Ramblas area. To avoid human traffic, be there before 11am.

 There are way too many selections in the menu, so spoilt with choices. The mussels caught my attention - mussels with white wine and garlic. The gravy was soooo, finger lickin' good! The entire dish was just so juicy and sweet... 

Portion of omelette. It was great but not extremely fantastic. It is a little too salty. I've prepared omelette myself at home, to be able to prepare such salty omelette would definitely require at least 2 teaspoons of salt!!

Chorizo sandwich with additional cheese. It was great when it first came - hot and crusty bread. So crusty that the first bite created a whole new level of mess. In terms of taste? I think the portion of chorizo is not quite generous. Either that or it should have gone with a smaller portion of sandwich.. I could barely feel the existence of the chorizo! I'm sorry if you're thinking something else...

Omg their homemade croquettes are TO D I E FOR! I've never had such yummy croquettes since the last time I've had back in Japanese Cafe Restaurant J, Melbourne! I'm sorry there are no pictures there but their potato croquettes are SUPER good! Anyway, back to the topic, I have no clue what are these made of. I felt I was eating really hot cheese, the filling is very soft and the texture is rather thick like hot cheese. It is SO good you have to try!!

Apart from that I would actually love to try the famous ham (which I did not order since it was a bit too early in the morning for ham. I just don't enjoy eating ham early in the morning!). I saw people ordering baby squid, which I regretted for not ordering it. 

Regardless, I've had a super good early lunch!! Definitely worth a shot.. This little tapas bar is located right inside the market. It's not difficult to find - just walk till you spot it! (Hint: Spot the crowd!) However, they shut pretty early. I was there at about 7pm and they were already preparing to close. 

El Quim de la Boqueria
Mercat de la Boqueria
La Rambla 91,
08002 Barcelona
+34 93 301 98 10

Friday, October 11, 2013

Glaciers Bay

Trying out the Blogger app. I think it's much more convenient to post through my phone instead.. ;) 

A bowl of seafood soup for 900 ISK with the amazing view of the glaciers. Suddenly it's not about the quality of the food anymore.. 

Anything hot would do justice when it's super cold (4 degrees?) So I shall say no more and enjoy the superb Icelandic view ;)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Warung Bumbu

Ahhh!! Almost forgotten this portal - too many posts stuck in the Draft section T_T. So - I've been craving for Malay food.. As we had some errands to run, we had to find a restaurant in this area for quick lunch. Also, to satisfy cravings just before I pop out of London... This restaurant is about 5 minutes walk from Clapham Junction station. We were greeted by a very nice Malay lady. This place is rather quiet during lunch hours..

 The sambal udang was not the typical Malaysian style, perhaps this is the Indonesian style sambal udang. We asked for extra super spicy for all dishes - chilli is quite laughable in London.. Never trust when they say it's spicy. It got pretty spicy towards the end of the meal. The dish is a little too wet, I expected fragrant and dry, maybe thick sambal but this sauce is a little diluted. Nevertheless, you'd like it if you're a "must have gravy on rice" person.

 Ayam bumbu rujak - oh the grilled flavours are extremely strong, topped with coconut gravy, some spices and fresh chilli. I would actually prefer if the sauce is served separately, as the chicken would turn soggy very quickly if it's soaked in sauce. Apart from that, it was all good, chicken is crispy on the outside and tender inside, sauce is flavourful but not very spicy unless it is eaten along with the fresh chilli.

Tumis kangkung - Something I didn't really enjoy. Don't really know whats wrong, just felt that the flavours were not that strong, just like any typical fried vegetable with minimal use of onion, chilli, something sourish - lime perhaps?, garlic? But anyway, the vege is a little too plain. It's not too bad for the price of £4.25 actually, it's not easy to find a place that serves such portion without charging at least £6.

They have lunch deals as well, can't remember what the deal was as I was not quite keen to get any of it. I do miss having good Perkedel (potato patties)... Maybe I'll try it again another time. Not too bad place if you're missing some local food back home. Maybe I should visit a proper Nyonya Malaysian restaurant instead of an Indonesian restaurant to satisfy my "cravings for local food back home"... :P

Book your table here.

Warung Bumbu
196 Lavender Hill,
SW11 1JA London
United Kingdom
020 7924 1155