Saturday, October 26, 2013


 Just another restaurant along the La Rambla area, which was not very impressive. It's actually a bar, where the sangria is quite good. It's very fruity and sweet.

 This place is actually a bar that serves paellas of different varieties. But I just felt like having light snacks, hence Tapas. Which turned out to be c r a p. It's just potato wedges!!! I've ordered spicy potato chunks but they served wedges that I can prepare at home... Speaking of the spiciness, I know I can't expect any extremely spicy sauce but this, is plain super dry potato wedges with no sauce of any kind. How did they even labelled this as "spicy"??

I thought the Paella would be something, but it was a little tasteless. I've tried paella a couple of times but I've never had one that is so tasteless before!! Not saying it tastes bad, just lack of flavours. Seafood paella that has no taste of seafood at all?? 

I don't know, but don't be cheated by their convincing pictures of paella right in front of their shop. Drinks yup, food nope.

La Rambla 116,
08002 Barcelona
+34 93 318 33 90

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