Tuesday, November 26, 2013


All orders are served on one tray - order whatever crap they'll still give a tray. It's located just off Oxford Street, and I did not like the environment actually. It is really dark, would probably be even darker if it's at night.

 So what's on the tray? Dead hippie (apparently very popular), cheese burger, chili dog and onion rings.

The price of a burger ranges between £6-£8. It's not cheap, but not expensive either (don't convert to other currencies please!). Portion of the burger is huge enough for one, patty is super thick and juicy. I didn't like the onion rings though, felt as though those are the ones I could get from Asda. Salad is absolute rubbish, couldn't even be bothered to separate the leaves? I would not recommend anything else, just get the burgers!

It apparently is a popular place for burgers, don't think they take any reservations. Don't expect exquisite service from them - this isn't a proper fine dining place, it's just a bar...

Sorry for the horrible quality pictures - the place itself is too dark for cellphone quality pictures! :(

74 Welbeck Street
W1G 0BA London
United Kingdom

Monday, November 18, 2013

Chez Yang

That sudden cravings for Asian food... in Chamonix, France - such a wrong place really. But we had light bites just to satisfy cravings. The view of Mont Blanc can be seen from the back of the restaurant - I believe that's what they are charging for.

 Egg fried rice - tasteless. Completely tasteless I swear anyone can cook this crap. Thai fried rice - OK there are slices pineapples. That's the only "Thai" flavour I've tasted in the entire plate. Mixed vegetables - No review needed? Basically the food were just horribly bland.

Looking on the bright side? We had a great view. Anyway don't bother wasting money on this place. Thank goodness we didn't order much so we could go for Round 2 somewhere else!

For real - this is the worst Chinese food I've ever had in the past few months. It's so bad, I felt cheated... Just settle your cravings for Asian food elsewhere!!

Chez Yang
17 Rue du Docteur Paccard,
74400 Chamonix
+33 4 50 53 18 35

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Gate Hammersmith

This is probably the best vegetarian restaurant I've been to by far. I can't believe there is actually no meat in any of the dishes!! Ravioli being ravioli, nothing special though. Stuffed with cream cheese with a mixture of different herbs.

Green banana fritters if I remember correctly. Sometimes I just love ordering food with fancy names. I've never had any "green banana fritters" before in my life - only banana fritter which is usually a dessert. This was an appetizer. I wouldn't say this is extremely good, just felt as though it was some minced meat with flour or something. This isn't something which I've fancied so no comments really.

This is my favourite by far - aubergine teriyaki!! I'm slightly biased because I'm a fan of aubergine to begin with. Then they had to come up with such a wonderful combination!! It is coated with breadcrumbs so it's crispy on the outside while the aubergine is soft on the inside. Well you know how aubergines are like. Then there are strands of noodles with mangoes - like really just that few strands; probably 3-4 spoonful? These are all so mixed up - noodles that tasted like chinese fried noodles and then really sweet mangoes to go along with the crispy aubergines. Not sure if you can ever imagine that combination, so it's a must to try!!

Curry with basmati rice. I'm surprised the curry is actually up to par!! I was expecting diluted curry (well, I never thought Asian food is actually good here?) The curry is thick, sufficient coconut milk with generous amount of vegetables. In fact, it's so good in flavours I'd think an Indian chef prepared it!

Spicy corn and polenta cake - served with sweet potato and aubergines!! I know it's not quite appealing from pictures - a pile of different vegetables stacking up like mountain. Mix all of it together and it's THAT good!! I don't know how to describe this really, pile of vegetables - pan fried and grilled with different sorts of herbs... Mostly sweet and sourish from the lime dressing. It's a savoury dish. These dishes are all so rich in flavours, I can totally forget about meat.

The overly sweet cheesecake. That's it.

Honestly if all restaurants are that good preparing vegetarian food I'd probably stop eating meat for good. Stop eating meat is one the many resolutions that I have, which I'm trying to achieve!! 

Anyway as for The Gate in Hammersmith, I would definitely say book a table beforehand. You probably won't get a table till 10pm if you're planning to walk in. The place itself isn't very spacious to begin with. It's probably difficult to find it too - it's surrounded by houses mostly so take a closer look if your GPS takes you to that place.

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The Gate Hammersmith
51 Queen Caroline Street,
W6 9QL London
United Kingdom
020 8748 6932

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Noodle Station

This restaurant, more like a fast food corner, serves really good noodles. It's a tiny shop with limited seats. They are just so clever to leave the little door gap so that people who passes by the shop gets to smell it.

 You can pick between chicken or beef. It costs only ISK1190 for a bowl - which is about £6 ish for a bowl. Not too bad - the portion is quite generous for average eater. It would not be enough if you have large appetite though. I've ordered the beef myself - the soup was good, a little salty which kind of reminds me of Vietnamese noodles rather than Thai. Beef was really tender - noodle should be cooked a little longer though, felt a little too raw/hard.

You can pick the chicken if you are not a beef eater, but I would strongly suggest to get the beef - it's more popular :)

Overall, the thing I liked most was their marketing strategy. It's just sooooo clever to leave the little gap to attract hungry people like me!! Especially when it was lesser than 4 degrees. Can't say no to a bowl of hot beef noodles!

Noodle Station
Skólavörðustíg 21a
101 Reykjavík

Thursday, November 7, 2013


 This restaurant is soooo amazing we came here twice!! It's ranked number 3 on TripAdvisor. I normally won't rely on TA completely, but I've definitely got to say thumbs up for this!!

 I'm not a bread eater so I'm not fussy about it. But if it's particularly good, I would take another. If I have more than that there's something really good about it.. It's just plain bread served with fluffy soft creamy butter. The bread tasted like peanut butter!! It's super crusty and I really loved it!

 On our second attempt it was not the same peanut butterish taste bread, just normal bread but it was good too (not hard rock or cold crappy dough!). Crusty as usual and served with top quality fluffy butter. Noms!

 Lunch menu is similar to dinner menu, the obvious difference is the price. It's very much cheaper during lunch. Pasta with Icelandic lobster and shrimp for ISK1970 (£10 only!!!). The portion is extremely generous - the seafood is huge, fresh and so juicy!! Basically so huge I cannot finish it myself. Dinner would cost ISK2960 (£15.. still cheap for this hugeass portion!!)

 Pan fried cod with pork belly for ISK2480 (£12.70) ... While dinner costs ISK3970 (£20). The fish was really fresh!! As usual, the portion is extremely generous. It's a little too salty, if you don't want it too salty you'll have to tell the staff. The pork belly tasted like siew yuk. For real!

 16 pieces of mixed sushi/sashimi for ISK1980 (£10). It's double for dinner - ISK3960 (£20). We had this for lunch, considering that it's only £10, it's actually not bad!! When in Iceland, must eat fish!!

 8 pieces sushi for ISK2480 (£12.70); it costs ISK1480 (£7.50) for lunch. Can't afford to order 16 pieces for dinner so we went for 8!! Their sushi is quite fusion actually, they used herbs and spices, not really pure Japanese style. That does not mean it's not good, it has their own characteristics plus the fish is really fresh!!

To add on to the fusion style, a glass of wine with sushi! :)

I really like the ambience of this restaurant and the staff's friendliness. I swear Icelandic people are super nice!!! If you happen to go to Iceland, you MUST visit this place!! They don't serve typical Icelandic food, it's more towards seafood. Seafood is a must in Iceland!! It's not always full, but it is advisable to reserve a table beforehand.

Skólavörðustígur 14
101 Reykjavik

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rasa Malaysia

It has been SO long since I've had Asian food! Particularly, Malaysian food!! Since le family is in town, we've decided to go for Malaysian food! :)

 Kway Teow Soup for appetiser. This is the most miserable bowl of kway teow soup I've ever seen. The size of the bowl is the usual mini soup bowls for mushroom soup. Nothing wrong, just that we don't usually savour our food in that tiny bowl...

 Mee mamak with sunny side up egg (mata kerbau!) It has this little star in the menu as indication which is recommended by the chef. It was good indeed - brought some mamak flavours!! I miss those days where I can just pop out to the mamak stalls in Malaysia and get it - any time of the day!! Oh well, this mamak is definitely worth ordering if you would like to try mamak style fried noodles.

 Assam ikan pedas (Sour and spicy fish). Definitely not up to standards! It's supposed to be spicy, in fact we requested for extra spicy but it was not spicy at all, plus it was way too sweet. A little sourish yes, perhaps. That's about it.

 Rendang daging - beef curry, malay style. This isn't too bad, in fact it was quite good. The beef is quite tender, the gravy is rich in flavours; it does remind me of home!

 Ayam masak kicap. That's fried chicken drenched in soy sauce... The chicken itself is already very salty, the entire dish is so salty. That's the only thing I can describe of this dish as there are barely other flavours.

 Kurma kambing - lamb curry. Don't know, nothing really exquisite, the meat was good - tender and just nice. Gravy a little too diluted but flavours were good.

Bubur kacang - green bean soup. Very thick coconut milk and extremely sweet. Nothing really special, bit too sweet though.

Will I come back again? Maybe. Some dishes are good, some are not quite. If you would like to try, their Malay dishes are not too bad (curry, rendang, etc). I won't suggest ordering Chinese (kueh teow, mee hoon) food though.

It was a Saturday night and the place was very empty even during dinner time. Although not really needed, but you may want to reserve a table here.

Rasa Malaysia
Iverness Place
W2 3JS London
United Kingdom
020 7221 2220