Monday, November 18, 2013

Chez Yang

That sudden cravings for Asian food... in Chamonix, France - such a wrong place really. But we had light bites just to satisfy cravings. The view of Mont Blanc can be seen from the back of the restaurant - I believe that's what they are charging for.

 Egg fried rice - tasteless. Completely tasteless I swear anyone can cook this crap. Thai fried rice - OK there are slices pineapples. That's the only "Thai" flavour I've tasted in the entire plate. Mixed vegetables - No review needed? Basically the food were just horribly bland.

Looking on the bright side? We had a great view. Anyway don't bother wasting money on this place. Thank goodness we didn't order much so we could go for Round 2 somewhere else!

For real - this is the worst Chinese food I've ever had in the past few months. It's so bad, I felt cheated... Just settle your cravings for Asian food elsewhere!!

Chez Yang
17 Rue du Docteur Paccard,
74400 Chamonix
+33 4 50 53 18 35

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