Tuesday, November 26, 2013


All orders are served on one tray - order whatever crap they'll still give a tray. It's located just off Oxford Street, and I did not like the environment actually. It is really dark, would probably be even darker if it's at night.

 So what's on the tray? Dead hippie (apparently very popular), cheese burger, chili dog and onion rings.

The price of a burger ranges between £6-£8. It's not cheap, but not expensive either (don't convert to other currencies please!). Portion of the burger is huge enough for one, patty is super thick and juicy. I didn't like the onion rings though, felt as though those are the ones I could get from Asda. Salad is absolute rubbish, couldn't even be bothered to separate the leaves? I would not recommend anything else, just get the burgers!

It apparently is a popular place for burgers, don't think they take any reservations. Don't expect exquisite service from them - this isn't a proper fine dining place, it's just a bar...

Sorry for the horrible quality pictures - the place itself is too dark for cellphone quality pictures! :(

74 Welbeck Street
W1G 0BA London
United Kingdom

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