Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rasa Malaysia

It has been SO long since I've had Asian food! Particularly, Malaysian food!! Since le family is in town, we've decided to go for Malaysian food! :)

 Kway Teow Soup for appetiser. This is the most miserable bowl of kway teow soup I've ever seen. The size of the bowl is the usual mini soup bowls for mushroom soup. Nothing wrong, just that we don't usually savour our food in that tiny bowl...

 Mee mamak with sunny side up egg (mata kerbau!) It has this little star in the menu as indication which is recommended by the chef. It was good indeed - brought some mamak flavours!! I miss those days where I can just pop out to the mamak stalls in Malaysia and get it - any time of the day!! Oh well, this mamak is definitely worth ordering if you would like to try mamak style fried noodles.

 Assam ikan pedas (Sour and spicy fish). Definitely not up to standards! It's supposed to be spicy, in fact we requested for extra spicy but it was not spicy at all, plus it was way too sweet. A little sourish yes, perhaps. That's about it.

 Rendang daging - beef curry, malay style. This isn't too bad, in fact it was quite good. The beef is quite tender, the gravy is rich in flavours; it does remind me of home!

 Ayam masak kicap. That's fried chicken drenched in soy sauce... The chicken itself is already very salty, the entire dish is so salty. That's the only thing I can describe of this dish as there are barely other flavours.

 Kurma kambing - lamb curry. Don't know, nothing really exquisite, the meat was good - tender and just nice. Gravy a little too diluted but flavours were good.

Bubur kacang - green bean soup. Very thick coconut milk and extremely sweet. Nothing really special, bit too sweet though.

Will I come back again? Maybe. Some dishes are good, some are not quite. If you would like to try, their Malay dishes are not too bad (curry, rendang, etc). I won't suggest ordering Chinese (kueh teow, mee hoon) food though.

It was a Saturday night and the place was very empty even during dinner time. Although not really needed, but you may want to reserve a table here.

Rasa Malaysia
Iverness Place
W2 3JS London
United Kingdom
020 7221 2220

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