Thursday, November 7, 2013


 This restaurant is soooo amazing we came here twice!! It's ranked number 3 on TripAdvisor. I normally won't rely on TA completely, but I've definitely got to say thumbs up for this!!

 I'm not a bread eater so I'm not fussy about it. But if it's particularly good, I would take another. If I have more than that there's something really good about it.. It's just plain bread served with fluffy soft creamy butter. The bread tasted like peanut butter!! It's super crusty and I really loved it!

 On our second attempt it was not the same peanut butterish taste bread, just normal bread but it was good too (not hard rock or cold crappy dough!). Crusty as usual and served with top quality fluffy butter. Noms!

 Lunch menu is similar to dinner menu, the obvious difference is the price. It's very much cheaper during lunch. Pasta with Icelandic lobster and shrimp for ISK1970 (£10 only!!!). The portion is extremely generous - the seafood is huge, fresh and so juicy!! Basically so huge I cannot finish it myself. Dinner would cost ISK2960 (£15.. still cheap for this hugeass portion!!)

 Pan fried cod with pork belly for ISK2480 (£12.70) ... While dinner costs ISK3970 (£20). The fish was really fresh!! As usual, the portion is extremely generous. It's a little too salty, if you don't want it too salty you'll have to tell the staff. The pork belly tasted like siew yuk. For real!

 16 pieces of mixed sushi/sashimi for ISK1980 (£10). It's double for dinner - ISK3960 (£20). We had this for lunch, considering that it's only £10, it's actually not bad!! When in Iceland, must eat fish!!

 8 pieces sushi for ISK2480 (£12.70); it costs ISK1480 (£7.50) for lunch. Can't afford to order 16 pieces for dinner so we went for 8!! Their sushi is quite fusion actually, they used herbs and spices, not really pure Japanese style. That does not mean it's not good, it has their own characteristics plus the fish is really fresh!!

To add on to the fusion style, a glass of wine with sushi! :)

I really like the ambience of this restaurant and the staff's friendliness. I swear Icelandic people are super nice!!! If you happen to go to Iceland, you MUST visit this place!! They don't serve typical Icelandic food, it's more towards seafood. Seafood is a must in Iceland!! It's not always full, but it is advisable to reserve a table beforehand.

Skólavörðustígur 14
101 Reykjavik

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