Monday, November 11, 2013

The Gate Hammersmith

This is probably the best vegetarian restaurant I've been to by far. I can't believe there is actually no meat in any of the dishes!! Ravioli being ravioli, nothing special though. Stuffed with cream cheese with a mixture of different herbs.

Green banana fritters if I remember correctly. Sometimes I just love ordering food with fancy names. I've never had any "green banana fritters" before in my life - only banana fritter which is usually a dessert. This was an appetizer. I wouldn't say this is extremely good, just felt as though it was some minced meat with flour or something. This isn't something which I've fancied so no comments really.

This is my favourite by far - aubergine teriyaki!! I'm slightly biased because I'm a fan of aubergine to begin with. Then they had to come up with such a wonderful combination!! It is coated with breadcrumbs so it's crispy on the outside while the aubergine is soft on the inside. Well you know how aubergines are like. Then there are strands of noodles with mangoes - like really just that few strands; probably 3-4 spoonful? These are all so mixed up - noodles that tasted like chinese fried noodles and then really sweet mangoes to go along with the crispy aubergines. Not sure if you can ever imagine that combination, so it's a must to try!!

Curry with basmati rice. I'm surprised the curry is actually up to par!! I was expecting diluted curry (well, I never thought Asian food is actually good here?) The curry is thick, sufficient coconut milk with generous amount of vegetables. In fact, it's so good in flavours I'd think an Indian chef prepared it!

Spicy corn and polenta cake - served with sweet potato and aubergines!! I know it's not quite appealing from pictures - a pile of different vegetables stacking up like mountain. Mix all of it together and it's THAT good!! I don't know how to describe this really, pile of vegetables - pan fried and grilled with different sorts of herbs... Mostly sweet and sourish from the lime dressing. It's a savoury dish. These dishes are all so rich in flavours, I can totally forget about meat.

The overly sweet cheesecake. That's it.

Honestly if all restaurants are that good preparing vegetarian food I'd probably stop eating meat for good. Stop eating meat is one the many resolutions that I have, which I'm trying to achieve!! 

Anyway as for The Gate in Hammersmith, I would definitely say book a table beforehand. You probably won't get a table till 10pm if you're planning to walk in. The place itself isn't very spacious to begin with. It's probably difficult to find it too - it's surrounded by houses mostly so take a closer look if your GPS takes you to that place.

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The Gate Hammersmith
51 Queen Caroline Street,
W6 9QL London
United Kingdom
020 8748 6932

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