Friday, December 20, 2013

Apolo XI

It was really funny how I ended up in Arguineguin. Some random "swinger"/stranger approached and started a conversation which prompted me to ask about good seafood around Maspalomas. (P/S: Story bout swinger ends here) He suggested Arguineguin (famous place for seafood), and I could not decide which one to go as TripAdvisor was not quite helpful. In fact this restaurant I went to was quite low in terms of ranking. Reason being, I was in Maspalomas and about to head to Puerto Rico, in which Arguineguin was right in the middle.

 Bread and mojo sauce. Mojo is a typical Canarian product - there are various mojo sauces, from red to green to mild to spicy (slightly, its not really spicy anyway). These sauces are to suit bread / meat / fish, depending on what you're after. I really don't know how to explain. Basically what you see in this picture is a mild mojo sauce for bread. Mojo sauce is for anything / everything. I'm not kidding. It has this distinct taste I don't know how to explain to you. It's really something different. Read more here.

 We ordered a couple of dishes to share - crabsticks as appetiser. Unfortunately this is just so typical instant crab sticks (a mixture of crab flavours with little crab meat and flour perhaps) I can get from Asian grocers and then deep fry it or something. Definitely not something I would go for the second time.

 The polipo is TO DIE FOR! I think it's grilled octopus topped with some spices and sea salt. It's super soft and slimy - it does sound disgusting but it's super good. It's so chewy you would die for more!! I can't really tell what the redish stuff is on the octopus as I was focusing too much on the freshness and the sliminess of the octopus haha. Though I would say the sea salt they have added to the dish is almost unnecessary - it's way too salty so I had to scrap them off. 

Some whole fish with (green) mojo sauce, canarian potatoes and salad. The fish is undoubtedly fresh!! They have this counter in the shop to display their fish available for the shop - and mommy had taught me how to see what's a fresh fish (clue: look at the colour of the eye!). So yes. Fish was really sweet - topped with green mojo sauce with a mixture of garlic and some herbs. The fish is rather tasteless but goes really well with the mojo mixture. I really cannot tell you how mojo tastes like, it's basically a slight salty sauce with various mixture of herbs in it. This, is only available in Canary Islands. :)

Despite the ugly rankings on Trip Advisor, I would definitely give a plus point to this place - perhaps there are other restaurants that are better but this one is definitely not poor and you might want to give it a shot. :)

Apolo XI
Avenida del Muelle
Gran Canaria

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