Sunday, December 15, 2013


 The beautiful port of Genoa. Why Eataly? Because it has a nice view and reasonably cheap food.

 Eataly is located in various locations in the world - couple of places in Italy, New York, Japan and Chicago (I have zero clue bout other locations but Genova).

The view from the elevator.. So why Eataly? There are 3 things in Eataly Genova - (1) Proper Italian dining, (2) Food court, (3) Supermarket. So it's indirectly - (1) proper dining, (2) budget dining, (3) home dining. 

I did not get a chance to try out il Marin Ristoro, maybe next time if I ever go back again. As for eating in and taking out, yes I've done it - Meal for one costs less than €10 :)

Desserts to take away or to eat in.

 Market section. You can get fruits, vegetables, not really wide range of choices though.

 There are more wine selections than fruits or vegetables.

 Truckloads of pasta..

 And even more pasta. In whatever shape you're after. I have not even seen/heard some of it myself. It's actually quite interesting :)

This falls under the food court category, a pasta bar. There are a few bars, depending on what you feel like having. 

 This is the charcuterie bar. Prosciutto, cheese, ham, you name it, they'll do it. 
*Oopsie to the couple in the background.

 Food court tables. With that view.

The plate of meat, cheese and free bread for about €8. Quite a bargain! :)

 And if you feel like having it in the hotel, feel free to takeaway :)

 Horrible wrappers and all, but it doesn't matter.

 The entire meal costs less than €20 (for two). Ignore the fried rice at the corner as it's not an Eataly product.

There are times when you just feel like having a quiet night, I would definitely recommend getting food from Eataly. You can find it at Porto Antico, one of the main spot to visit in Genova. It has this really huge EATALY sign you cannot miss.

Eataly Genova
Porto Antico

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