Saturday, December 21, 2013

English's of Brighton

 Dear old English's of Brighton. Oh what can I say? I've had this post kept for ages. I've decided to check this place out because the restaurant rank number 41 on TA, which isn't too bad.

 I'll talk about the food first. What is wrong with this picture? That bread. That horrible looking bread. Goodness gracious can't they get baguettes or something more presentable? They try to make everything look pretty but the bread just look like some 4-year-old kid work. Presentation makes a big impact - people tend to be happier and much more comfortable for the things they pay for if it looks nicer. Not just that, look at that amount of butter on that bread?? What if I don't like butter? God.

 Portion? It's definitely over priced for the tiny little portion. I'm confused really, if you want to charge that price I expect better presentation and food quality. If they are serving such ungenerous portion and horrible presentation then don't charge that much. The only thing that justifies the price is the freshness of the seafood. Then again, it's really too much. like £15 for a half dozen of oysters. A dozen usually goes for about £20, anything more has to be exquisite!

 I won't deny the seafood is really fresh though. The next thing I would go on is their service.

 Dad had this ordered 20 minutes after everything else. To our surprise, his dish arrived the earliest, right after appetiser. We jokingly asked the waitress (Staff B) where are the rest of the dishes, we ordered this last but it came first! She replied "This is a cold dish, does this mean anything to you?". I literally choked at her sarcasm. What the hell?

 As you can see our dishes came really late - after the sun has set. You can tell from the pictures. So I've ordered a glass of wine from the staff which was attending to us (Staff A). She didn't come back and I've asked Staff B to check because I've already ordered. I'm pretty sure her (basic) English is terrible she could not understand my request. She stomped back and said "You have already ordered it with my colleague why are you ordering it again?". I told her that I requested you to check not to get you to order it once again! That atrocious waitress ignored what I've said and walked off. Not even an apology.

 That got me so I had to complain to the manager. What an obnoxious waitress I feel like giving her a slap in the face!

 I didn't come here to be treated like that. The waitress was so damn rude and I've never gotten an apology even until I left. The manager apologised but that's not sufficient, he should have made that obnoxious waitress apologise. I told him I don't want to see her serving any of my food after though. I don't even have a clue why would this restaurant hire such inexperienced, untrained and ill-mannered staff to serve their customers!

On a brighter note, Staff A who served us was a really nice girl. I don't really want to go back again, once bitten twice shy. There are many other restaurants out there which can cater to my needs, so I don't need to stress myself over silly people.

I sincerely thank the person who had responded to my review on TA, but I'm sorry this is all I have to say as I've already provided all details and do not want to go over it again.

English's of Brighton
29-31 East Street,
BN1 1HL East Sussex
United Kingdom
012 7332 7980

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