Friday, January 10, 2014

Thai at The Albert

You wouldn't know that there's a Thai Restaurant right behind the pub. It's not really obvious - it's one hidden gem in the South West London..!

I wouldn't conclude that the food that they serve are "extremely authentic" Thai food, as the last time I've actually been to Thai was at least more than 10 years ago, to be exact, I've been to Bangkok Airport (and I had Thai food there), but no it doesn't count. Wait till I go to Thailand then I'll judge. Then again, a few people have suggested this place and think that it's not too bad (UK standard!)

It isn't too bad - it's mostly similar taste to what I can get in Malaysia. If you request for extra spicy, it is really spicy. At least the fishcakes and pandan chicken are good.

The downside would be the unjustified price and portion. It's certainly too expensive for this ungenerous portion of food.

Starters would go at about £4-£5; and yes it's the size that you see in this picture.

Mains would go to at least £8ish to £9? Steamed fish like that costs at least £13 depending on the weight of the fish. I totally understand the theory of "As long as it's good food I don't mind paying for it". Yes I totally stand by that theory too in fact. But there is a difference between overpriced and paying for something that's worth paying for.

The Pad Thai, was sadly depressing. Just about 10 minutes walk from this place, Sopa Thai (I'll post that sometime soon), serves better Pad Thai. It's just bland and tasteless, more like a typical fried noodle with "whatever I have in the kitchen I'll just add in" rather than what you expect in a Pad Thai. That egg on top of it - what's the point? Deco? Seriously.

Red curry. The mistake is to add BAMBOO SHOOTS into the curry!!!!!!! I'm definitely biased as I do not like bamboo shoots - but really bamboo shoots is a complete no-no. I don't understand why do people have to add bamboo shoots into any possible food!! Then again, Thai red curry shouldn't contain any bamboo shoots whether I like it or not. It completely destroys the taste of the food!!!

Why would I still recommend this place? Because the food is spicy, you can always request for "no bamboo shoots", green curry is good, it's particularly OK in terms of Thai flavours if you do not start comparing it with authentic Thai cuisine. It's way better than so many other Thai restaurants I've been to in London which barely contain any spiciness or flavours.

Yes, it's right in the pub itself. Thai food and pub, rather weird combination but I don't mind.

Thai at The Albert
30 Hampton Road,
TW25QB London
United Kingdom

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