Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ohla Tapas & Cocktails

 It was not planned - I've never heard of this place until I've decided to have dinner and catch up nearby a friend's workplace. I generally like the ambience of the bar - it's a little overdone for a typical Spanish bar though. The dishes are quite limited too - yes it's only a one page menu. 

 Sadly they do not serve Sangria - but if you never ask, you will never know. This is something I've learnt (being a traveller); you have to ASK! Hence, I got myself a large jug of Sangria!

 It is so nice of the Head Chef, Toni, to offer my favourite Jamón ibérico de bellota!!! Grace enjoyed the pickled olives despite never being a fan of it. As for me, I've tried enough olives from so many places I will not touch it anymore! I don't want to waste something I wouldn't eat. Fair enough? :P

 Toni even taught us how people in Barcelona have their bread and ham. First, spread a few drops of olive oil. Then, squeeze the little cherry tomatoes on the bread (apparently you shouldn't eat the tomatoes, just squeeze the bits on the bread!), spread it evenly on the bread and it goes well with the ham or (I can't remember the name of it, perhaps it's chorizo?!)... So here it is, good to go!

 Arroz negro con all i oli; Ok ok Arròs negre or whatever you call that - it's Spanish black squid rice. The broth they've used is sweet, good, but it was not as flavourful as expected. It may look horrible, I mean black rice, but it's good. The sweetness I mean is the flavours of the seafood - if the broth is really good it would have made the rice really sweet. I can't tell what's missing though.

 Grilled scallops with iberico pork belly! The first dish came overcooked. It was rather chewy.

 Chef didn't prepare the first one; and he personally remade it for us. Notice the difference?! It looks so much juicier, well it IS juicier. Grace figured that it's pointless to cut it - we should just gobble the entire scallop! Which is very true. It is so tender and succulent, that combination of scallop and ham... and it MELTSSSS in the mouth!

 Catalan cream which is very similar to Crème brûlée. Perhaps it is Crème brûlée! It's fairly sweet, mostly on the upper layer. The inner part was not quite - which balances the whole dish. It's quite difficult for me to say OK to Crème brûlée because I never like it in general because it's overly sweet for my likings. I would say yes to this because the custard part is not really sweet which suits my expectations.

 Chocolate ice cream with vanilla and white chocolate sauce. 

I didn't really like it - I don't like dark chocolate to begin with. That doesn't mean it is not good. Bitter sweet taste isn't really my thing.

My genuine opinion of this place? I would say that there are rooms for improvement. But I would not say that their food is bad. Overall I am generally satisfied and I would definitely return for more whenever I have cravings for Spanish food :)

I'd came across somebody's angry post on Facebook condemning food bloggers for "cheating" or "manipulating" people in general with just pictures and biased reviews for this place. First of all, it is unfair for him to condemn the quality of the food (his comments were as though the food is just shit. I mean if this place is crap, I swear other Spanish restaurants ought not to call themselves a Spanish restaurant!). Secondly, to attack us bloggers and stereotyping us. Oh goodness gracious, I don't even want to begin. Thirdly, why not inform the person in charge, in this scenario, the Chef himself. What's with telling the world that the place sucks and you can cook better ones. UHHH. I'm sorry then please open a Tapas Bar in KL and I/we shall see how "good" you are! I'm not siding anybody, just my two cents. 

Ohla Tapas & Cocktails
Lot G-18 Ground Floor,
The Intermark No. 348
Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
012-663 2651

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