Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thanh Binh

Thanh Binh is located in the Camden area, right opposite the market.

The price of the food is fairly reasonable. The appetizers are just normal, nothing worth noting.

It's just plain deep fried food which I don't find them particularly interesting. More like frozen food?

Steamed scallops were quite badly done - overcooked. It's just not worth ordering.

Their famous Pho, is not worth it either. The soup is almost tasteless. It's more like chicken stock soup than using proper beef to prepare their broth; there's barely any beef flavours in it. If you see my posts on Viet pho I've had in Cambodia and Australia, the colour of the broth looks different too. Of course pictures won't show the taste of the food but my point is the broth itself is bland.

The only point that's worth talking about is the price, which is reasonable. But there's no point paying reasonable price for food that's not quite worth the time. It's not even close to authentic! I don't really understand how they got through since 1990 in fact. Maybe it used to be better. Maybe. But it's terrible as of today. I just felt so, so cheated.

Thanh Binh
14 Chalk Farm Road,
Nw1 8AG London
United Kingdom
020 7267 9820

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