Monday, March 31, 2014

Restaurant 1919

A very interesting restaurant located in the city center... I've never actually noticed this place before! Philippines eggplant fries is apparently quite famous. Though I don't think there's much to shout about - it's just deep fried egg plant coated with flour and topped with Thai sweet chilli sauce. I think the sauce should be served separately.. Not everyone enjoys sweet chilli sauce!

 Stir-fry four angled bean and petai with special sauce - very interesting "special sauce", it was the sauce that made the vegetable flavourful. It's the typical Malay/Nyonya style.

 Cencaluk sotong - very appetising and flavourful! It goes really well with rice!

 Rendang mutton was not really a big hit for me though. You know the bad smell that is quite common when it comes to lamb meat - I can't take it at all. It's quite difficult to get good rendang mutton... It's that smell!!

Steamed fish - well just steamed fish. As long as it is fresh, the dish is heaven!

Overall experience is quite good. I was told that their original shop is in Ipoh and this is the KL branch. There's no specific type of cuisine, they serve South East Asia flavours with a mixture of everything, Nyonya, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesia, Philippines, and so on. It is really a good concept because it would attract people with different preferences. It is a halal restaurant, which widens the market especially in Malaysia. I didn't enjoy all of the dishes but I wouldn't hesitate to go back again for round 2 :)

If you're up for dinner, I would suggest to make a reservation to avoid disappointment!

P/S: I think to name a restaurant as 1919 is really weird!

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Restaurant 1919
15A Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2191 9919

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Oh the Pasarbella food market at Marina Bay is pretty awesome! There are pop up stalls all over the place selling different types of food. From western to eastern flavours, beer, wine, stout, you name it!

The concept reminded me of the food market in East London...

The pork knuckles caught my attention! It costs SGD20 for one portion. It's so huge it is enough for two! According to Li Yin, it's pretty cheap to get the entire knuckle for only SGD20!

Who wants Kiasu Stout?! Hahahaha...

A close up shot. Gosh it reminded me of the one I've had in Munich! But I have to say the one in Munich tasted better :P

It didn't look very appetising on the paper plate but trust me the taste is good. The skin is soooo crunchy - it fact some parts of it were a tad bit hard. A plate of salad would be good with it. Too much meat...

It's located right outside Marina Bay Sands. The crowd began after say.. 6pm? For the sunset and the mini "show" which I did not stay long enough to watch.

Concrete jungle...

It is running till end of the month. Check it out over the weekend if you're free!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

しゃぶしゃぶ にいむら 本店 Shinjuku Niimura

 Complimentary starter - bout a spoonful of glass noodles. Quite appetising to begin with.  

 I have no idea what this is - it's just something rather soft?

 No idea what this is either, but it's rather soft elastic kind of texture, like raw luncheon meat but obviously this isn't.

 Puffer fish sashimi. I'm still alive, therefore it's safe!! But nothing special really?? It's tasteless and really chewy, not as chewy as squid though.

 High quality Japanese beef for shabu shabu. 

 I didn't really enjoy the shabu-shabu though - it's quite clear. Perhaps I've been poisoned by the super delish Sukiyaki!!

 Sashimi platter. It's quite difficult to find awful sashimi in Japan - everything is at decent quality to really good.

 Some steak they had it advertised on the wall - so we ordered one portion to try. To my surprise it's soooooo damn good even good steakhouses in most places cannot serve such! Apparently they have it with chopsticks - no such thing as fork and knife! The beef is so tender and it just melts in the mouth!! It just felt as though I was having grilled tuna! It is THAT yums!

 I've been cheated in my whole life of the "Sukiyaki" concept. Usually, they would just serve a whole pot of broth with vegetables in it and dip the meat in after. I'm telling you it's completely different in Japan! So I've been CHEATED!

The original way of having it is so different and so much better! First, coat the hot pan with a piece of lard. Then, place the leeks in and fry it till it turns a little brown.

 Place the beef on top of it after.

 Add the sukiyaki broth in it. They also have a pot of hot water just in case the broth is too sweet / salty.

 Add the rest of the stuff in and taadaaahhh you're good to go!! It's so much more flavourful!!

Beat the raw egg, dip your beef in it and enjoy!! :) Omg it's probably the best Sukiyaki I've ever had in my entire life!!

P/S: The staffs are super friendly and nice!!! Overall experience was so good we actually came back for round 2!

しゃぶしゃぶ にいむら 本店 Shinjuku Niimura
They have a few outlets.
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Arbil Restaurant

Lentil soup... I don't know how to describe, it's quite thick. Complimentary.

While waiting for a friend, we had some tea and baklava. Tea and sweets! I've always liked tea without sugar (typical Chinese!). Baklava was really sweet for me so it compliments!

Arayes??? Some flat bread with meat in it. Nothing extraordinary to say about it. It should be eaten hot or else the bread would go a little soft.

 Three different kubba?? My favourite is the one with potato. Didn't really like the wheat and rice one. There's meat inside too... Something different!

Kurdish kebab? Minced lamb meat and bread :) I loveeeeee the lamb!

Chicken kebab with bread.. I have to say the chicken is just nicely done and it's super juicy!

An extra piece of bread for each kebab, on top of the one in the picture. That's bread overdose for me! I've never been served that much amount of bread before.. A little too much for me! So according to my Kurdish friend, Rivan, this place serves the closest-to-home taste! If you're craving for Kurdish food you know where to go! :)

*Pardon me for not being able to provide the exact name for all the dishes! It was my first time dining in a Kurdish restaurant! :D

Arbil Restaurant
365 Edgware Road,
W2 1BS London
United Kingdom
020 7563 7034

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Monday, March 3, 2014


Atari-Ya is located just a minute walk from Selfridges. I've finally had the chance to try with my fellow food Andy! 

Quality of the sushi - good. Price - rather pricey, but at least for what I've paid for, it was definitely worth it. There are a couple of choices to pick from. Most importantly, these are freshly made to takeaway. These were not prepared beforehand; it's freshly made as per your choice. Of course it's not what you can get in Japan but it's definitely way ahead most sushi bars in London. Order your takeaway if you happen to be near Oxford Street! The tables are rather limited for eat-ins and I don't think they do reservations for such a tiny shop.

20 James Street,
W1U 1EH London
United Kingdom
020 7491 1178

*Atari-Ya is available in Hendon, Swiss Cottage and Ealing Common. Click here for more info.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thanh Binh

Thanh Binh is located in the Camden area, right opposite the market.

The price of the food is fairly reasonable. The appetizers are just normal, nothing worth noting.

It's just plain deep fried food which I don't find them particularly interesting. More like frozen food?

Steamed scallops were quite badly done - overcooked. It's just not worth ordering.

Their famous Pho, is not worth it either. The soup is almost tasteless. It's more like chicken stock soup than using proper beef to prepare their broth; there's barely any beef flavours in it. If you see my posts on Viet pho I've had in Cambodia and Australia, the colour of the broth looks different too. Of course pictures won't show the taste of the food but my point is the broth itself is bland.

The only point that's worth talking about is the price, which is reasonable. But there's no point paying reasonable price for food that's not quite worth the time. It's not even close to authentic! I don't really understand how they got through since 1990 in fact. Maybe it used to be better. Maybe. But it's terrible as of today. I just felt so, so cheated.

Thanh Binh
14 Chalk Farm Road,
Nw1 8AG London
United Kingdom
020 7267 9820