Thursday, March 27, 2014


Oh the Pasarbella food market at Marina Bay is pretty awesome! There are pop up stalls all over the place selling different types of food. From western to eastern flavours, beer, wine, stout, you name it!

The concept reminded me of the food market in East London...

The pork knuckles caught my attention! It costs SGD20 for one portion. It's so huge it is enough for two! According to Li Yin, it's pretty cheap to get the entire knuckle for only SGD20!

Who wants Kiasu Stout?! Hahahaha...

A close up shot. Gosh it reminded me of the one I've had in Munich! But I have to say the one in Munich tasted better :P

It didn't look very appetising on the paper plate but trust me the taste is good. The skin is soooo crunchy - it fact some parts of it were a tad bit hard. A plate of salad would be good with it. Too much meat...

It's located right outside Marina Bay Sands. The crowd began after say.. 6pm? For the sunset and the mini "show" which I did not stay long enough to watch.

Concrete jungle...

It is running till end of the month. Check it out over the weekend if you're free!

Click here for more information.

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