Tuesday, March 25, 2014

しゃぶしゃぶ にいむら 本店 Shinjuku Niimura

 Complimentary starter - bout a spoonful of glass noodles. Quite appetising to begin with.  

 I have no idea what this is - it's just something rather soft?

 No idea what this is either, but it's rather soft elastic kind of texture, like raw luncheon meat but obviously this isn't.

 Puffer fish sashimi. I'm still alive, therefore it's safe!! But nothing special really?? It's tasteless and really chewy, not as chewy as squid though.

 High quality Japanese beef for shabu shabu. 

 I didn't really enjoy the shabu-shabu though - it's quite clear. Perhaps I've been poisoned by the super delish Sukiyaki!!

 Sashimi platter. It's quite difficult to find awful sashimi in Japan - everything is at decent quality to really good.

 Some steak they had it advertised on the wall - so we ordered one portion to try. To my surprise it's soooooo damn good even good steakhouses in most places cannot serve such! Apparently they have it with chopsticks - no such thing as fork and knife! The beef is so tender and it just melts in the mouth!! It just felt as though I was having grilled tuna! It is THAT yums!

 I've been cheated in my whole life of the "Sukiyaki" concept. Usually, they would just serve a whole pot of broth with vegetables in it and dip the meat in after. I'm telling you it's completely different in Japan! So I've been CHEATED!

The original way of having it is so different and so much better! First, coat the hot pan with a piece of lard. Then, place the leeks in and fry it till it turns a little brown.

 Place the beef on top of it after.

 Add the sukiyaki broth in it. They also have a pot of hot water just in case the broth is too sweet / salty.

 Add the rest of the stuff in and taadaaahhh you're good to go!! It's so much more flavourful!!

Beat the raw egg, dip your beef in it and enjoy!! :) Omg it's probably the best Sukiyaki I've ever had in my entire life!!

P/S: The staffs are super friendly and nice!!! Overall experience was so good we actually came back for round 2!

しゃぶしゃぶ にいむら 本店 Shinjuku Niimura
They have a few outlets.
Click here for the location.

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