Wednesday, April 2, 2014

C&R Cafe Restaurant

I've been here a couple of times and they never fail to fail me every single time! They are famous for their Nasi Lemak which I would say it's not up to par! First of all, nobody serves curry gravy on rice like that (maybe a small percentage). Serve it in a bowl so that we have options! Secondly the sambal (that patch of dark red curry on the upper right side of the dish) is overly sweet! Seriously why not just shove a spoonful of sugar down my throat? The rice itself is not good stuff, it's too "wet"! Nasi Lemak's rice should not "stick" to each other. This is just, ew?

 Char kueh teow only has the colours! Not enough "wok hei", well basically it's just relying on sauces and it has no CKT taste at all. Why not just serve a plate of noodles soaked in soy sauce + thick soy sauce? Come on!

 This is even worst. The look of it is horrible, it looks rather bland, which is true enough. The picture and the food itself is the same. I surely need to pour a whole pot of soy sauce and have it with chilli to be able to deal with this plate of noodle!

 Asam laksa's soup base isn't too bad, but the noodles aren't what we can get in Malaysia. What's the point? Why not just sell it as asam soup instead? As a big fan of asam laksa I will never order this crap again! Don't tell me me bout limitations, don't offer this in the menu if you can't deal with it?

Bak Kut Teh has decent BKT taste, I mean it's not superbly good but it's not bad till I can't eat it. The only thing I've figured is it's probably instant BKT pack which I can purchase off Asian grocers and have it cooked at home. Though I would say this is probably the best out of the rest.

Honestly, I don't even know why people would go to this place for Malaysian flavours. It's just to cheat people who have never been to Malaysia at all. Sorry to say none of the dishes I've tried is on the average level. Average is what I ask for, is that too much? Don't tell me things like OHHHHH this isn't Malaysia don't complain etc. But really, you need a selling point which I don't see it at all.

C&R Cafe Restaurant 
4-5 Rupert Court
W1D 6DY London
United Kingdom
020 7434 1138

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