Friday, April 4, 2014

Yo! Sushi

 So apparently Yo! Sushi is a chained restaurant which was originally from the UK. They have had it in Malaysia but obviously didn't do well. We have got way better Japanese restaurants. Let me tell you why Yo! Sushi is an ultimate failure.

 First of all, they tried to be different - serving fusion dishes rather than providing authentic Japanese food. Why? Because authentic Japanese food requires high quality ingredients while Yo! Sushi substitutes it with cheaper ingredients - as you can see it from the pictures. Lesser ingredients, more rice portion, that's more like being dishonest to consumers. Speaking of the ingredients, it's not even proper things like fish or great stuff but fried chicken and tuna. Like what????????

 Tempura prawns - probably the worst I've ever tried? The prawns are relatively tiny and the batter isn't even the proper ones I've tried. It's just some thick fried flour batter!

 Some seafood udon - I can take spicy food but this is WAY TOO SPICY. The broth is so spicy I don't think majority can ever take it. You won't usually get this in proper Japanese restaurants?!

 This is the ugliest and the most unauthentic Japanese California Handroll I've ever seen! This is the first time seeing Yellow Ebiko - it's usually orange in colour but this colour is terribly unappetising?! And there's rocket in it. ROCKET LEAVES IN CALIFORNIA ROLL ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?! I understand that they are trying something new, fusion style, but if it is a bad combination then no it will never work!

 This is another horrible one - the skin is horribly thick! The fillings are just miserable why would anyone order it?! I'm super particular when it comes to the skin - I HATE it thick!

No comments. These are obviously instant food you can get anywhere in Japan. Mochi sets are available all over Japan.... These are probably just any mochis you can grab off the airport.

It's just no wonder the branch in Malaysia can not sustain. If you have never tried proper Japanese food then this place would satisfy your needs a little bit. But all I can say is this isn't a proper Japanese restaurant if you're after for some authentic food. I know it's a friendly gesture for the staff for trying to explain how the conveyor sushi belt works but really, we've got tonnes of restaurants like that in Asia I could probably explain it better than you do. 

Not to mention, it's an expensive place to dine - can go up to £30 per person for terrible quality food! £30 isn't a large amount, but then again, why bother wasting money dining in this not-so-authentic place?! Waste of money! I will.. Never go back again.

P/S: Yo! Sushi is available in various locations.

Yo! Sushi Cheltenham
5/7 The Promenade,
GL50 1LN Cheltenham
United Kingdom
012 4285 1261

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