Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bao Today 包今天

 Beef stew noodles... Nothing special.

 XO Sauce Noodle which looks much nicer on their FB page. Well XO Sauce Noodle is just a better way of portraying the instant noodles with additional egg, luncheon meat, vegetables and chilli paste. The chilli paste is darn good though, something similar to the usual chilli that I prepare at home.

 Some crystal dumpling, can't remember the name of it.

Ther famous bao. It's a flat bun with pork, chinese sausage, egg yolk and mushroom. It looks very much better on their Facebook page. This is what happens when you don't actually serve the food that you advertise. The taste isn't too bad actually, it's the yolk that stirs up the flavours.

Not too bad cafe food - price is not too bad, quite reasonable for the location but the portion is rather ungenerous, quality of the food is OK, for that sort of price. It's not super great but I wouldn't say no for lunch during work hours.

Bao Today
238895 Singapore

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shake Shack

I have been raving about Shake Shack ever since their opening in London.. It puts Maccas to shame!

Finally - the chance to try the original Shake Shack! Beautiful view of the Empire State To...(OOPS) Building too :P

The queue for it is insane! We actually queued for close to an hour! Just for burgers can you imagine. I wouldn't do that during winter! It was at about quarter to 9 - that odd hour and the queue is still THAT long. It makes me wonder how is it like during lunch/dinner hours.

There's a queue for burgers and another just for the milkshake. The queue for milkshake is very much shorter just to cater shake lovers.

 Yes... Patience love!

So here it is! The original Shack Burgers, cheese fries and peanut butter shake. Exactly the same thing I've had in London.

The ingredients are pretty much the normal stuff you get in most burgers - bun, patty, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. It's the bun and the patty that makes me crave for more. The buns are really soft, the patty is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside... Those fries are just normal fries, but with cheese... It's heaven!! As for the peanut butter shake, I find the London one is thicker and richer in peanut butter flavours. It really depends on what you prefer, I like it less thick but rich in peanut butter flavours. Too hard to please! The shake would be awesome during summer!

There's a reason why they started off as a cart and now with proper shops and can be found in other countries. It's definitely worth queueing an hour for this sinful meal! Pstttt... It's so bloody expensive in London! £5! And I got it off for only $4.75 in NYC! They also cater for vegetarians - Shroom' burger, where Portobello mushroom is the alternative for meat patty. I will try it one fine day when I hate meat. 

Shake Shack Madison Square Park
Madison Ave at 23rd Street
10010 NY
United States

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Hart's Boatyard

 Seared scallops (which came in three sizes; small, medium and large!) with bacon strips. Scallops were really good, fresh and juicy topped with crispy bacon. Heaven! Duck confit and toast in the other plate was not very impressive though - toast is rather plain and huge with a stingy amount of duck confit.

 Lamb rump - very nicely done! Medium rare, very tender and succulent. Portion is just right for small eaters. 

 British ribs and pie. When I saw this in the menu I could not relate ribs and pie. Like how can the those ribs be in a pie? Usually it's either ribs or pie, but ribs AND pie. Interesting much how they really stuffed the entire bone in it! I didn't try it but it does look pretty amazing I would order if I'm dying for a pie.

 Slow cooked pork belly - that dish I've forgo for the lamb. It wasn't the dish I've ordered so I don't remember much of it. It does --look-- pretty awesome though. (:

 That sinful sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream one SHOULD ORDER!!!!!!! I fell in love with sticky toffee pudding after trying it. It's super sweet, very moist, served hot. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream - such perfect combination!

Earl Grey crème brûlée - I've never liked crème brûlée because it's just really sweet. However it tastes so good with earl grey in it! It is very highly concentrated in earl grey flavours rather than the usual sweet custard. Earl Grey lovers, you have to try it! Only in England I would find weird stuff like Earl Grey crème brûlée or ice cream. Good stuff though!

Overall, I would agree that the food over here is not too bad, but a little overpriced for pub food. Well it's a pub and dining place but I would still classify this place as a pub more than a proper restaurant and dining place. There are other pubs which serves good quality food with a more reasonable price. If you're in that area, no harm trying as you'll get a good view of River Thames.

The Hart's Boatyard
Portsmouth Road,
KT6 4HL London
United Kingdom
020 8399 7515

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Pancake House

Very thinly prepared "pancake" (crepe) and generous amount of nutella topped with banana slices

There are so many choices to pick from - from sweet to savoury with over 20 choices (or more!). Avocado, nutella, banana, strawberry, cheese, bacon, too many to even remember all of it! It is freshly made and served hot - it is so good it melts in the mouth! If you're not one with big appetite do order one to share. One portion is pretty huge and filling. I'm not quite sure of the savoury pancakes (the combination doesn't sound right to me), but the sweet pancake, something with nutella is definitely the right choice if you can't decide. I didn't pay much attention but I remember they do serve other types of desserts too, like ice cream.

The Pancake House
18 The Brewery Quarter
CF10 1AD Wales
United Kingdom
+4429 2064 4954

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baked by Melissa

 From left to right: Lemon cheesecake (Flavour of April 2014), tie-dye, red velvet.

Cookies & Cream, Red velvet.

Why Baked by Melissa? Just because I've heard of it, seen pictures of it and find it super cute. True enough.. These mini cupcakes are of bite sizes. Not everybody loves huge cakes - it's a great snack to begin with. As for the flavours, I personally prefer red velvet most. I find the rest of the flavours rather common, in fact, red velvet itself is common too, but to be able for me to accept is another. The cakes are very moist and soft. Of course it's a result of freshness. It is a brilliant idea to sell bite size cupcakes - especially for greedy people like me which can never finish a large portion. It is fairly pricey - 6 tiny ones costs $5.50. Still, I would think it is worth it. Red velvet is a must try - unless you're allergic to chocolate! (: It's a pity they only ship nationwide.

Baked by Melissa
United States
*There are a couple of locations. Click here to check.