Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shake Shack

I have been raving about Shake Shack ever since their opening in London.. It puts Maccas to shame!

Finally - the chance to try the original Shake Shack! Beautiful view of the Empire State To...(OOPS) Building too :P

The queue for it is insane! We actually queued for close to an hour! Just for burgers can you imagine. I wouldn't do that during winter! It was at about quarter to 9 - that odd hour and the queue is still THAT long. It makes me wonder how is it like during lunch/dinner hours.

There's a queue for burgers and another just for the milkshake. The queue for milkshake is very much shorter just to cater shake lovers.

 Yes... Patience love!

So here it is! The original Shack Burgers, cheese fries and peanut butter shake. Exactly the same thing I've had in London.

The ingredients are pretty much the normal stuff you get in most burgers - bun, patty, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. It's the bun and the patty that makes me crave for more. The buns are really soft, the patty is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside... Those fries are just normal fries, but with cheese... It's heaven!! As for the peanut butter shake, I find the London one is thicker and richer in peanut butter flavours. It really depends on what you prefer, I like it less thick but rich in peanut butter flavours. Too hard to please! The shake would be awesome during summer!

There's a reason why they started off as a cart and now with proper shops and can be found in other countries. It's definitely worth queueing an hour for this sinful meal! Pstttt... It's so bloody expensive in London! £5! And I got it off for only $4.75 in NYC! They also cater for vegetarians - Shroom' burger, where Portobello mushroom is the alternative for meat patty. I will try it one fine day when I hate meat. 

Shake Shack Madison Square Park
Madison Ave at 23rd Street
10010 NY
United States

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