Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Musts in London

Just because you do not have time to search what food or drinks to go for in London, here's a mini check list to make your life simpler.

1.  Have afternoon tea like a queen

I cannot imagine leaving London without having tea. Tea is the best thing EVER you should not miss unless you're allergic to tea! Three-tiered afternoon tea; cakes, sandwiches, scones, and more sweet stuff. With tea. You can't miss that.

2.  Keep calm and drink beer or cider

Like tea, beer or cider cannot be missed. I'm sorry if you're underaged, you would have to wait till you're legal! Weekend in London is practically everyday. What is Monday?

3.  Have a kebab

The best sober-up-food. These takeaway shops are normally open till late. Every student knows their way to a Kebab shop after shitloads of alcohol.

4.  Do a Shepherd's Pie

Yes it looks awful, a bowl of messed up stuff. But trust me, it's more than a baby's food. Potato lovers would love it!

5.  Sunday roast, with Yorkshire Pudding

Get drunk on a Saturday night and wake up to a Sunday roast. It is normally served with Yorkshire pudding (yes it's that piece of round and horrible looking dough, but trust me it's something to die for!), mashies and vegetables. That perfect Sunday brunch.

6.  English breakfast

Simply because it's English breakfast. Bacon, baked beans, hashies, sausages, wedges, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, eggs, toasts, mashies, sauteed spinach, and whatever it takes.

7.  Fish and Chips

It's definitely overrated, I mean, come on, fish and chips. Really?! It's a boring English dish, yet classic. You might want to have it still. It's probably better. Maybe.

8.  Pub grub

Scotch eggs! Bangers and mash! Indian food... Tikka Masala! You'll be surprised how popular Indian food is and quite a number of pubs do serve Indian food. Don't forget to end your meal with a Sticky toffee pudding!

9.  Visit a market.. Grab market food

Just because market food is cheap and yummy. Sometimes, market food is better than restaurants. It's that satisfaction of paying a low price for such good food. There's Brick Lane, Portobello Market, Borough Market, Camden Lock Market, Covent Garden Market, Brixton Market, and it goes on and on.

10.  Sandwich and crisps

I don't actually understand why sandwiches and crisps. But that's how it is consumed! So grab a Pret and a pack of crisps!

Enjoy London! xxx