Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I never liked Bibimbap. I've had the worst which caused me to dislike it so much. Not until I had this in Sorabol. Well it's obvious that it's a bowl of mixed rice served on the stone bowl. It is served with a special sauce, which can be pretty spicy! I didn't know why I hated it before, I must be mad! It's soooo good, but it must be stirred immediately when served. Otherwise, the bottom would be a little overcooked. I love the beef to be served raw too instead of the cooked ones, just so that the beef is medium well done. Cooked ones, meh I don't really like because it looks like minced meat instead of proper yummy beef.. 

So yes not many would serve Yukke Bibimbap. Raw beef. Even in Korea itself, most places serve it cooked instead of raw. Obviously there are places but it's more common to see cooked ones than raw ones. If you are craving for good Bibimbap, head over to the Little Korean town in South West London!! As for the rest of the items in the menu? I don't really have any comments as they are just normal food with medium quality (edible, but not great) which isn't worth writing.

180 High Street,
KT3 4ES New Malden
United Kingdom
0208942 2334

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fishy Fishy

An extremely old post sitting in the Draft section. I love this place so much, I even came back for a second visit! They serve really fresh oysters.. I love oysters... I can't really tell which oysters are from which area of the world, but I'm learning! So long as it doesn't have that really bad stinky smell I would say... Go for it!!

Grilled squid! Just nicely grilled.. Not too chewy!

Fish and chips were just meh, normal. I guess fish and chips is nothing to shout about anyways.

If I remember correctly it's lobster salad served with shrimps with a lot of roe in it! I'm not sure if those are even shrimps, the amount of roe in it is unbelievable!

Curry is famous is UK, so it's not a big deal that you see something different from the menu. Fresh seafood with curry, yes why not?!

Grilled fish of the day served with potatoes. One word. Fresh. So long as it's fresh, it's good regardless.

I would definitely come back again if I visit! Seafood is fresh, service is excellent. The restaurant itself is very comfortable to be in, with tables outside catered for people who loves the sun!

Fishy Fishy
36 East Street,
BN1 1HL East Sussex
United Kingdom

Friday, July 4, 2014


Some long overdue post sitting in the draft section which I've (almost) forgotten.. We were in that area and wanted some Asian food at that time. I've did a little bit of searching here and there, and I read it somewhere that this place is worth trying.

We were given the set menu as we came in as a large group. They also have an ala carte menu which may be difficult for first times - especially if you're an indecisive person! I find it easier to select from the set menu as they pair the good stuff together, and here in a large group, we do not have to think what to order. Sets are charged per person. Beware... there are so many dishes you barely have space on your table! You can request for the food to be extra spicy too :) Rest assured all dishes comes in very interesting flavours, from spicy to sweet. Skewers are included in all sets, which is another must. These dishes goes really well with rice, you would definitely like it if you're a rice person.

I would definitely recommend this place to satisfy your Asian / Indonesian cravings. Click here for the set menu.

Indrapura Indonesian Restaurant
Rembrandplein 42,
1017 Amsterdam
020 623 7329