Friday, July 4, 2014


Some long overdue post sitting in the draft section which I've (almost) forgotten.. We were in that area and wanted some Asian food at that time. I've did a little bit of searching here and there, and I read it somewhere that this place is worth trying.

We were given the set menu as we came in as a large group. They also have an ala carte menu which may be difficult for first times - especially if you're an indecisive person! I find it easier to select from the set menu as they pair the good stuff together, and here in a large group, we do not have to think what to order. Sets are charged per person. Beware... there are so many dishes you barely have space on your table! You can request for the food to be extra spicy too :) Rest assured all dishes comes in very interesting flavours, from spicy to sweet. Skewers are included in all sets, which is another must. These dishes goes really well with rice, you would definitely like it if you're a rice person.

I would definitely recommend this place to satisfy your Asian / Indonesian cravings. Click here for the set menu.

Indrapura Indonesian Restaurant
Rembrandplein 42,
1017 Amsterdam
020 623 7329

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