Saturday, August 2, 2014

Coffee Barker

This quaint little shop is located in one of arcades in the High Street. There are a couple of arcades, very pretty lanes where it reminds me of Melbourne! Like Royal Arcade, Degraves Street! Ahhh! Nostalgic.

 Still not very good at coffee, but at least I didn't find it diluted. It was alright but not something to shout about.

The duck egg croissant with bacon is really to die for! Those eggs mmmmm.... It's just nicely done, not overcooked. It feels different from chicken egg, it's much more juicier and creamier! 

Do drop by for breakfast if you're around in town... Grab the duck egg croissant if they do have it still, or some cakes as they do look wonderful (Taste? Not too sure). (:

Coffee Barker
13 Castle Arcade
CF10 1BU Wales
United Kingdom

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