Monday, September 15, 2014

Jonker Street Hawker Food

 The street food at Jonker's street area. There are plenty of choices and the smell of the food can really torture your empty stomach!

 I just felt the need to order everything! Everything looks way too good (to be true actually)...

 The Char Kueh Kak was probably the best among all the dishes I've ordered that evening. Simple and flavourful.

 I would advise you not to order oysters as we all know how unfresh oysters in Malaysia are. It is so unfresh that it tasted bad even after cooking it.

 Really generous with the ingredients, hence, popping those flavours out! :-)

The cockles on the bottom left is a MUST NOT EAT. It was not properly washed, partially cooked and perhaps just a short time in the hot water which did not kill the bacteria. As a result, the both of us who had it, had a bad time for A WEEK. So terrible that people should just avoid cockles altogether!!

Be prepared with anti histamine and charcoal pills, for the obvious reasons. Though, I would say don't risk your life by consuming those cockles.

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