Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Halal Guys

Like any other tourists, whenever someone tells me of something good I'd like to try it. There are a couple of Halal stores along the street. The famous one is The Halal Guys.. What annoyed me most;  staffs from all different trucks with yellow and different wordings to confuse people - "BEST IN THE WORLD", "THE ORIGINAL SHOP", etc. Please observe carefully, don't spot the wrong truck. There are 2-3 trucks of The Halal Guys and the queue is at least 15 minutes just 5 minutes after they start selling D: Anyway this picture itself isn't The Halal Guys... I've got cheated by their yellow shirt and whatever original.

This was the first one we got. The white sauce is just diluted (can tell by the colour of it!). Meat is cold and chewy. I don't know, it's just another boring dry meat with rice to me?!

The Halal Guys, that famous one with the mad queue. New Yorkers really love to queue for their food!

The shish meat and chicken is much better than the first - chicken is much more thinly sliced.

It's this white sauce that everyone is crazy over. Well it's just creamy... yogurt mix with some mayo perhaps and herbs? I don't know but it's just creamy. What made me love it is the red sauce. That little red sauce is FLAMING hot. Really. That, my friend, is not something you would want to pour it all over your rice! Especially if you're trying it for the first time! I have to admit it their sauces that made me love their dish! :O

The portion is quite huge, if you're a small eater just get a portion to share. There are a lot more food in New York to try so don't fill up your quota just yet :)

The Halal Guys
53rd Street 6th Avenue
*It's street food, spot the truck.
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  1. I had to wait in the rain to get that for you. Also, I think the white sauce might've been made from a roux.