Friday, October 31, 2014

Sifu Chio

Apparently, this little cafe serves quite "good" Wan Tan Mee. I've tried, but it doesn't appeal much to me as I don't really fancy Wan Tan Mee. If you're craving for the HK Style Wan Tan Mee then head down to Flushing and give it a shot.

I don't like Wan Tan Mee but I'm a fangirl of wantan (these little dumplings). I'm super particular about the size, the thickness of the skin, and the filling. These, are definitely not something I'd go for. The skin especially, is way too thick as though I'm indulging on flour. Filling is a little too large, I think my preference would be the mini wantans, with smaller fillings. These, are huge. 

In conclusion, I wouldn't go back again as there's no reason for me to be back. If the wantans are of my likings I would probably. Then again, you can't expect HK standards in NYC.

Sifu Chio
40-09 Prince Street
Flushing, Queens
11354 NY
United States

Sunday, October 12, 2014


We didn't intend to order food, only popped by for drinks. Then again, it is too difficult to resist when it comes I see ham in the menu! :D 

Jamon serrano served on melon - oh that ham is so juicy! Now I feel like going to back to Spain! Cocktails were good - it was almost tasteless initially but they added a little more flavours according to our taste buds! How nice of them!

In a nutshell, food is good (well yes... based on just one dish). Drinks.. Well if it's based on their recipe I don't quite like it, but because they made the effort to improve it is a plus point for the service. I won't say it's not good, just not strong enough to be considered as a cocktail... Again, their service, staffs were pleasant and attentive, constantly checking if we are alright or if we need anything else. What else to ask for when it's just finger food and drinks? Comfortable hut I'd definitely make my way back!

18 Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2145 8482

Friday, October 10, 2014

Jung Won Korean BBQ

This is one restaurant I'd never go back again. No. Way. First experience, not extremely pleasant but tolerable. Second one is good enough to drive me away from this place forever.

Why did I even go for the second time?

  • Because this restaurant is definitely better than most in Ampang Village, in terms of food quality, not particularly great but it's alright, edible
  • They have many side dishes which looks very much more appealing that other restaurants
  • Their garden decoration is pretty and it is very cooling to sit out for a BBQ. In fact this was one of the main reason I wanted to try it for the second time
  • It is pretty convenient as it is located in the city center and easily accessible with many parking slots
  • Service is slow, staffs can barely speak local language but I would definitely return despite the not-so-good points if the food is alright.

Reasons why I will never ever return to this place 

  1. The first time was extremely unpleasant because most their workers did not understand English or Malay. No medium of communication then, should we be using sign languages then? Can't even comprehend a simple "Please bring us some vegetables". I'm not trying to criticise one's language ability right now, but here you are, running a restaurant but you hire people that cannot communicate with your clients. Does that even make sense?
  2. The first time I sat inside and BBQ was not allowed indoors so we have no other option but to let them cook outside. Dishes were mostly cold when it came to us. I let it to slip as probably only 2 out of 5 were not immediately served (hence, just warm almost towards cold). And I couldn't be bothered to explain/ask/request more - go back to point (1).
  3. Their food quality is questionable. Of course marinated meat is not fresh. If the meat itself wasn't fresh before marinating, that was what we got - extremely gamey meat. The meat was horrible, smelly, awful, I just can't describe it by words. They have admitted that their meat is kept marinated for at least 3 days before actually serving to customers. We have not even considered the duration they kept their meat before actually marinating them. I just felt so disgusted I had to get it off my bill. And what happened when I tried to get it off my bill?
  4. They INSULTED us with these points:
  • They said we do not know how to cook our meat, what we have prepared is definitely overcooked despite the fact that the meat was still slightly rare (it was DEFINITELY red) in the middle. This is because we have had it cooked on the medium pace.
  • We were expected to cook ONLY one piece of meat, if it is "bad" we would have to return it immediately. I don't recall agreeing to a "filtering expired/bad/gamey meat tasting session", (if there is something like that). I'm not risking my stomach for that.
  • They brought us a new plate of lamb cutlets prepared by their staffs and forced us to try theirs despite us rejecting their offer. What is wrong with them? Which part of I do NOT want their meat anymore did they not understand? I felt so disgusted with the smelly meat I don't even wanna have another bite of it!
  • They said we were already full; hence we didn't want to pay for our meal. What kind of bullshit is that? I don't need to elaborate the stupidity in this point.
  • It's OK if you do not want to pay, my staff will have to bear the bill. Even so, is it MY fault that the meat they have prepared is not up to par? Oh it's also ridiculous how the owner wouldn't take responsibility but to forced her staff to bear it.
  • They said we do not know how to appreciate their food. That's just plain stupid. We have already forcefully accepted their pork and duck though it wasn't really something that I would go for the second time.
  • Other customers have also ordered the same thing, many plates (they exaggerated to 10 plates but we manually counted, it was not even more than 5!) but no complaints at all. I didn't know that customers are not eligible to complain if they put something bad in their mouth. Am I supposed to shut up I were to be fed with expired/bad food? I'm not sure now.

In conclusion

  • They said "It is OK my boss said you do not need to pay for anything, I (the staff) will bear every single cent." Sarcasm much? I requested for the lamb to be removed, not the entire bill to be voided off. I did the math myself and left the amount of money minus the lamb on their counter and left. This is what happens when these bunch of people can't understand simple English
  • I wasn't quite satisfied with their pork and duck but it was edible. I normally wouldn't nitpick on things that are below average, just having the "whatever attitude" but when it comes to gamey, expired kind of quality, no sane human would be able to tolerate that isn't it?! 
  • Their kimchi? Tasteless. It is not really sour and definitely not spicy at all. Other side dishes were alright, borderline. It's the lamb, the gamey, smelly lamb that I will NOT pay for.
  • P/S: I'm seriously doubting some certain sites (especially sites like TimeOut) that has write ups bout this place.. Too good to be true.

Write off write off.

Jung Won Korean BBQ
Can't be bothered with the exact address. 
It is located right next to Sayfol International School.