Saturday, November 29, 2014


 Nuts about coconuts? Sangkaya is now available at Ampang Point...! It is a very small booth - a grab and go concept.

 It costs RM9.90 for the signature coconut ice cream. Yes it comes with the husk.

 You can also grab a cup of coconut juice if you're not feeling icy...

 It's basically the typical Thai style coconut ice cream where you can add your own condiments. Corn, cornflakes, roasted nuts, coconut strips.. Or have it plain. You know, the ones you get in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok.

 It's so delish, the coconut fragrant... The texture of the cream.. It's not really creamy, something like gelato but stronger in flavours. Rest assured one is definitely not enough!

They have a store along Jalan Alor, but why bother hustling in that busy street when you can always get it in a mall :)

So, no need to go all the way to Chatuchak Market for it anymore! Sangkaya is here to satisfy your Thai ice cream cravings!

P/S: It's half off today (29 Nov) so pop by for a quick one if you're around the area! It is open from 10am to 10pm so there is still sufficient time to drop by after dinner!

Lot FM11 Ground Floor,
Ampang Point Shopping Centre,
Jalan Memanda 3,
68000 Ampang
Sangkaya's Page
Sangkaya Ampang Point  on FB

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