Sunday, December 21, 2014

La Boca Latino Bar

There is always this one rotten apple that destroys the entire restaurant's image. I've always heard good feedback from people, but totally crushed my perspective when this rotten apple decided to tarnish the reputation. Behold... Long rant ahead!

Who - She was the ONLY female waitress. 

When - 4th December at 6pm (ish)

It all started with our order for EMPANADAS. In the menu it says "MIX YOUR FAVOURITES: Choose from Beef / Chicken / Seafood OR vegetarian". So I just wanted to clarify that sentence, if I could really mix all of it. She immediately answered "No. You cannot. You can only pick one. No mixing.". So I got a little annoyed with her rather blunt response and her refusal to even check. Instead of throwing a fit at her, I asked if she could get someone else to take our orders, possibly the manager or supervisor. Again, without even checking she said they are not in. I asked her to get someone local, as I felt she could not understand what I was trying to ask. Not questioning her ability to converse in English, just wanted to save my time explaining what does it mean by MIX YOUR FAVOURITES. I insisted in having someone else to take our orders, hence, she got annoyed with my request and without saying a word, she walked off. 

I waited for 10 minutes, nobody came. She did not get anyone else to attend to us. So I got tired of waiting, I signalled for someone else. For some reason she came back to us again.. This shows how much she understands simple English!

I repeated my request to get someone else to take our orders. Instead of answering to my request, she ignored and replied with something else instead. She said she asked the chef and yes we could mix two flavours. Since she did make a wee bit of effort, I thought I should just get it done. So I asked, why two flavours and not all since it is not stated in the menu we can't mix all. Again she gave me that abrupt no you cannot, without a bloody reason. I settled with two flavours then.

Moving on with the order, as we were telling her what we wanted, her eyes were set to the MEN BEHIND OUR TABLE, and the one NEXT to ours. She was NOT paying attention to us at all. My friend asked if she is listening she just responded with "OK OK" but still, exchanging eye contact with (a few other) men next to our table! Friend got really irritated and said it's alright, we will dine somewhere else. Without even looking at us, she collected the menu and replied "OH IT'S OKAY".

She then went straight up to the men behind our table and flirted with them, started smiling and woosh, giving all these really privileged services. No I'm not referring to being hanky panky (but soon given her behaviour! I seriously want to puke staring at her being so flirtatious). Hello... This isn't the place to meet men, sorry if that is your intention!

As I was about the leave the supervisor stopped us and said he would take our orders instead. There and then, everything became what I've heard of La Boca. Apparently he is the supervisor and he was in the whole time! What a lying sack of crap! So anyway, he was really nice, took our orders, kept coming back to check if we are alright, etc. Poor guy had to apologise on behalf for that woman. Apart from this woman, nothing went wrong actually! The supervisor's hospitality was really good, love their Caipirinha and tapas. It would be nice to have happy hour promos on cocktails instead of just beer! 

So here are the pictures!

 Lovely restaurant (minus rude woman) located in Pavilion itself, right next to TDH

 Holy guacamole

 Salmon ceviche. Nachos overload!

 The great Empanadas which started the whole drama!

Pollo picante // That's a whole layer of olive oil with cihcken cubes, dried chilli, and garlic. Omg even though it's soaked in oil, I love it soooo much! It goes really well with the bread! My favourite among all!

This is a nice place to dine and chill despite having a liability in store. If I even drop by again I would love to speak to the manager/owner about this woman's rudeness! 

La Boca Latino Bar
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Caffeinees is...
  1. Overpriced. Food and drinks. Certainly, the food ain't worth the price. Also, the oysters were not particular fresh.
  2. Terrible service. The staffs could barely understand simple English. How to bring a fork is a ridiculous request. It took forever for someone to attend to us even when the place was not full.
  3. Parking RM 5 is applicable after 6pm. Why the fee after 6pm?! Are you not already setting ridiculous prices for cheap food?
  4. Shisha is overpriced too, though I wouldn't mind paying for it. Not because it is good but because the ambiance is slightly better than mamak shop.
  5. This place is way too overrated.
If I had to make a decision I wouldn't pick this place for sure. I'm sure my money is well-spent elsewhere. If you really have to go do remember to bring mosquito repellent. There are so many mozzies I came to suspected if they actually breed them. 

16 Jalan Kampung Pandan
55000 Kuala Lumpur

Monday, December 8, 2014

Chatuchak Market

Just some random food photos in Chatuchak market. Let's take a stroll and see what to grab for lunch! :D

Tod mun pla!

Those quail eggs. O_O

Mango sticky rice!!

Papaya salad. Mmmmm...

Pad thai

Thai coconut ice cream. Psh, it's available in KL now at Sangkaya!

Mmmmm must go to Chatuchak for food and shopping!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Chong Ko Hakka Noodle

We've decided to try since it looks like a popular place. The noodle is fine.. just soft and I don't know, rather tasteless? If it wasn't for the chilli it's actually quite dull. I think I still prefer the kicap based kind of dry noodles (and it makes it not very hakka noodle anymore!)

Their meatballs/fishballs.. I don't know, it seems like the ones you can get from the market from the wholesaler. Whether or not it's freshly made in house, I'm not too sure. But didn't have any significance to be classified as homemade. 

Though I have to say, their wantans do compliment their noodles. Both chilli and wantan makes the noodle much nicer - adding extra flavours to the dull noodles. 

I may be biased because I'm not a "noodle person". It is way too difficult for me to say yes to noodles, so generally I would find them less attractive. But if I do, I would it so much! 

As for this little noodle place, no I wouldn't mind coming back for a bowl of noodle if I'm in the area - I love their chill sauce and wantans! But I wouldn't come all the way for it. 

Chong Ko Hakka Noodle
5, Perubatan 2,
Pandan Indah
56100 Kuala Lumpur

Monday, December 1, 2014

Goon Wah Restaurant

Chicken wings which I did not try :D I dislike the idea of having sesame on whatever I'm having, maybe that's why I didn't try!

Being a fan of Lou Shu Fun (silver needle noodles/rat rail noodles/short rice noodle/whatever you feel like labelling it), I have to try different variations of it. This version uses claypot served on a box with fire beneath. Not only it would keep the food warm, it's actually semi-cooking it to make it dry - good cencept, me like! Served with very generous portion of dried shrimp, spring onion, pork lard, sliced chilli, sauces, not sure what else is in it. Overall, it's really good... but not the kind of flavours I like. I prefer lou shu fun of any variations, with pork. I find it rather unusual to be having my LSF with strong dried shrimp flavours. It all depends on your preference!

Their famous fish head noodle which I did not like it at all. It is their specialty but I find it rather bland with just white pepper being the main flavours in it. I just, didn't like it at all. Like food for the ill patient. Again it's very subjective. Maybe bland is what it should be!

Stewed pork belly with yam and steamed buns

It's super good, so damn sinful! No major comments, but would prefer pork slices which ain't too fat! The layer of fats is just absolutely disgusting! Again, it's personal preference.

Will I come back? I would if I'm not driving! I'm craving for those mantaus now! 

Goon Wah Restaurant
G13, Jalan 3/115c,
Taman Kuchai Jaya
58200 Kuala Lumpur
+603 7982 0048