Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Air Asia: Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak

I've decided to include flight food photos and I shall begin with Air Asia's very famous Nasi Lemak. Why does AA has to deceive us consumers all the time? I know pictures are for illustration purposes only but really, THAT huge difference?! Looks as if it has been placed in a heat container for too long till everything is overly done. My god the egg yolk is so chewy I cannot comprehend. RM15 for this, don't even use this to represent our country's pride. Please.

Flight: Phuket [HKT] to Kuala Lumpur [KUL]


  1. absolutely true, i used to take this meal whenever i travel in aisia x.
    It was really bad where the half slice of egg was really not 'edible'.
    previous trips the eggs were nice.
    The last time i ate was on the 8th feb 2015.
    Not only me complaining,my daughter also got the same experience while she was coming back from gold coast on the 14th jan 2015. she complained the egg is like a fake egg. Chewy n with layers in egg white. Hope it has got complained as i have prebooked it for my return to malaysia next month

  2. I took a bite of the egg white, it was really chewy n I spitted it out.
    I examined the othe part of the egg white, it was clearly seen it has layers. I tried a little of the egg yolk n it was chewy with no egg taste at all. Hoping action had been taken as I have prebook it for my return flight next month.

  3. On my trip to Seoul recently, I also found out the egg was so chewy. I can't recall I had such experience on any other airlines. It seems someone is using fake egg to whoop more profit.