Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Crab Factory

Amaebi, yabbies, crab, chicken and waffle. Though I'm not too sure about having hot food placed in plastic.

Sides are all served with the seafood (corn is a must!!), all in a bag. We asked for medium spicy... To those of you who can't take spicy food, this is actually too spicy for you!

 Jamba Crab - not too sure about this. Medium spicy can be really spicy while the non-spicy one isn't my kind of thing.

I'm rubbish at differentiating prawns / shrimps / amaebi. Whatever, it's from the same family hahahahhahaha. I know the amaebi I normally get from Jap restaurants aren't this huge. These ones are humongous!!

 Chicken and Waffle. Well I''ve tried Duck & Waffle (Psh It's a London thing). It's very different. I mean who the hell would have thought that a fried chicken goes well with waffle and syrup?!?!!

I don't recall having any of our pictures posted - so here we are! @hungrybabes xxx

You'll be given a huge bib to cover and feast like a king. Don't worry about using your hands - everyone does it. Oh, and pouring your seafood on the table, not a problem. Don't bother about table manners, just go for it!

I'm not sure if that's cheap to you, but it's fairly expensive to me... Though to be fair, the seafood is really fresh! Plus it's way cheaper than flying to the States for it! It's one of those places to have Southern food in Malaysia :)

The Crab Factory
21, Jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya

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  1. I had to covert the Ringgit to Rands (our currency) to see if it was an expensive meal, and it was. But for seafood that is to be expected. However, at that price I would have liked crockery to eat off :)

  2. Also to be fair - these were for 4 people. To also be a country with heaps of seafood it shouldn't be THAT pricey... At least it was worth it, it's fresh and delicious (Finger lickin' good!)! I believe the price tag lays on the hype for it! I wouldn't mind having it if I'm craving for Southern delights, that's if I really am x ;)