Monday, February 16, 2015

Zun Kitchenette

Omg this is the best place for traditional Chinese soup! Too many choices! It makes sense because Zun Kitchenette is Eu Yan Sang's subsidiary. 

The have a selection of dimsum which I wouldn't recommend though.

Fried rice, fried noodles, tai chow stuff in a posher place. Normal though.

 The stewed vegetables with fermented beancurd is soooooo good! I believe they've added a little Chinese rice wine in it, not sure if its Shao Xing, but it actually tastes a lot better!

 Homemade charcoal beancurd! Just because I wanted to try the "black" tofu. It's just like any other soft tofu actually. It's actually cute (the bouncy black/greyish texture) and I love it!

Someone recommended the waxed meat rice / lap mei fan... Which is not even near average level. Firstly, rice was overcooked, causing bottom bits to be tad hard. Secondly, another important condiment is the sauce. It's basically a mixture of different sauces depending on the variation. The dark sauce is very important - if its not good, the entire dish is a failure. Also, the meat portion isn't too generous either. But that's not really the main reason, it's the rice and the sauce. I wouldn't recommend, to be honest. By far, the best lap mei fan I've ever had was in Macau. Unforgettable! This is just way too far from it.

Ostrich with black pepper sauce.

I do recommend this restaurant for good rice dishes and soup. Just not the dimsum and lap mei fan. I would definitely go back again to try other dishes! Heaps of steamed dishes - healthy Chinese food! 

P/S: Do not order too much if you're having the soup! It's actually pretty filling already! The waitress who served did not even warn us it was too much for us..

Zun Kitchenette
Shaw Parade
Lot GL-01 Ground Floor
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah
55000 Kuala Lumpur

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